Enel X's sustainable lighting

Enel X's sustainable lighting for Luxottica, Coca Cola and Ippodromo Capannelle

The energy retrofitting designed by Enel X offers its customers green lighting solutions which reduce energy consumption by 50%

Published on FEBRUARY 08, 2018

Sustainable lighting

The concept of an innovative company is increasingly synonymous with its attention to sustainability. This is why many Italian companies are engaged in the energy retrofitting of their plants, with tangible benefits not only for the environment but also in terms of significant financial savings.

High-efficiency lighting

Enel X Italia can provide solutions designed for business customers and public administrations, with the aim of creating energy efficiency and green innovation. In actual fact industrial plants often fail to see the replacement of lighting as one of the first useful steps to take when turning on the corporate sustainability switch. Yet lighting solutions like LED systems can produce radical changes: energy consumption is halved and longevity is quadrupled, with respect to fluorescent lamps.
Smart Public Lighting

Smart Public Lighting

Shedding new light on the smart cities of the future

LED technology at Luxottica

A reel of LED lights
The company that exports eyewear worldwide has decided to improve its vision by turning to Enel X for the replacement of its old fluorescent lighting with LED tubes. Not only do they generate an estimated annual cost saving of 57%, they also guarantee lighting of excellent quality. The new system has been introduced in all three Luxottica production facilities in the Veneto and Piedmont regions.

Smart transformation at Coca Cola

The entire industrial plant at the Sibeg Coca Cola site in Catania saw its lighting system transformed, from the production line to the warehouses, and from the offices to the external storage and parking areas.
The retrofitting involved 939 lighting fixtures and 409 gas-discharge lamps, which were replaced with high luminous efficiency LEDs for an estimated annual energy saving of 56%.

New light for the Capannelle Racecourse

Enel X brought its innovative solutions to the stables and other areas at the Capannelle Racecourse in Rome. Indeed most of the stalls had obsolete, damaged incandescent lamps. Not only did the new LED system help improve efficiency and quality throughout the facility, it also led to an estimated annual energy saving of 80%.
Rome’s Capannelle racecourse, energy optimization

Rome’s Capannelle racecourse

Energy transition isn’t only about sustainability: it’s also about improving efficiency and finding creative solutions