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Colombia’s sustainable public lighting by Enel X

Villapinzón and El Colegio enjoy new public lighting with latest-generation LED lights and reduced environmental impact

New public lighting in Colombia, by Enel X

Another victory in the battle for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability: the Enel X Colombia e-City team have upgraded the public lighting systems in the municipalities of Villapinzón and El Colegio in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia.

LED lights for sustainability

On April 5 Enel X completed a latest-generation LED public lighting system in the town of Villapinzón in the Colombian province of Almeida, 80 km outside Bogotà. The official inauguration was attended by the Mayor of Villapinzón, Gildardo Melo, the Enel X B2G team and hundreds of local residents from the municipality. 
Villapinzón has joined other municipalities in the department of Cundinamarca by embarking on a path of modernisation and energy efficiency. In all, six municipalities spread across urban and rural areas are involved and will see the entirety of their filament lights used for public lighting upgraded with new LED versions.

Low-impact lighting is good for the environment

Over 600 were replaced in Villapinzón alone, as part of the new public lighting contract that the municipality signed with Enel X. Now, the 20,000-plus residents of the municipality which is located at an altitude of 2,700 meters can enjoy this new kind of light which drastically cuts energy consumption and has a very low environmental impact. The new lighting has been installed on the city’s streets, in its parks and other public spaces. An excellent calling card to help boost local commercial activity and further encourage the burgeoning tourism sector in the province of Almeida.
On April 12 the Enel X Colombia B2G team signed a further agreement, this time with the municipality of El Colegio to upgrade its street lighting infrastructure with 2,000 LED lights and to replace the lighting units in five city parks and the municipality’s main square. El Colegio’s 22,000 residents can now enjoy refurbished spaces that have essentially been given back to the people and are now more usable, particularly at night.

Sustainable innovation for quality of life

This latest project means that Enel X will ultimately have installed over 85,000 LED lights in the Bogotà and Cundinamarca areas, benefiting the residents of the capital and the municipalities of Sesquilé, Nemocón and Chocontá. Another step towards sustainable innovation and improving the quality of life for Colombia’s citizens — thanks to Enel X.