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green landscape in an urban environment

What is green urbanism and why is it important?

It is a design method that makes cities environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable places to live and work

Building with solar panels on roof

Energy Efficient Buildings Make Cities More Sustainable

Digitalized buildings that consume less energy are a key element of climate proof, decarbonized and resilient urban areas


Smart public transportation helps achieve zero emissions

Public transportation that runs on clean energy is how smart cities can reap the benefits of decarbonization

Beneficial Electrification Opportunities Enel X

Understanding the benefits of electrification

Electric buses

Electric buses: the perfect route to smarter, more sustainable cities

Our e-bus fleets are just one of the many ways we are reducing pollution worldwide. The future of smart cities is here

Enel X uses AI and satellites for public lighting

Lighting the darkness with AI: Enel X’s solution

Artificial Intelligence and images taken from space can help in public lighting