How do mobile payments work

What is mobile payment?


A mobile payment is any transaction made by using a device, such as a tablet or a mobile phone, instead of paying with cash or a card. In this way, consumers can use their phones to go shopping, get a haircut, take a taxi, eat in a restaurant, and more.


How to do mobile payments?


It’s really quite simple: by scanning a barcode on an app on your phone. Some mobile payment apps allow the user to simply tap their phone against a contactless credit card terminal at a store.


What are the advantages of using mobile payments?


The most obvious benefit of simple mobile payments is that they eliminate the need for a physical wallet and the need to withdraw cash from an ATM. This saves time, and is also safer because no one can see the contents of your wallet or purse, or see you making a withdrawal.


How do mobile payment systems work?


Consumers identify themselves through a fingerprint scan or a PIN number, and the mobile payment system generates an individual security code for each transaction. This makes mobile payments more secure than physical credit cards.


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