Intercharge Settlement

Intercharge Settlement

The solution that simplifies financial transactions between Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and e-Mobility Service Providers (MSPs).

The first end-to-end service to settle B2B financial transactions

The new service provided by Enel X Financial Services is now available. It was identified following a specific tender launched by Hubject, aimed at simplifying and automating financial transactions between Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and e-Mobility Service Providers (MSPs). Developed by Hubject in partnership with Enel X Financial Services, this innovative solution simplifies transactions between CPOs — meaning companies that manage electric car recharging infrastructure — and MSPs, the companies that provide the power to end users at the pump. With Intercharge Settlement, CPOs and MSPs will be able to settle their respective debit and credit positions in an agile and efficient way: a significant step forward in the spread of e-Mobility.

How it Works

The new solution enables automatic payment of the service to be paid for automatically, eliminating error-prone manual transactions and creating significant savings in management costs.

The system automatically generates invoices for every transaction processed and charges the MSPs, that is, those who provide the charging service to the end customer. 


The new solution is aimed at overcoming the current payment method — a laborious and time-consuming process, in which every bilateral operation has to be settled manually once or twice a month. 


Interested CPOs and MSPs can therefore open an account with Enel X Financial Settlements, which will manage the Intercharge Settlement process and optimize the flow of payments through its Fintech platform, reducing the number of transactions and automating the billing procedure.

The service is currently available in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. 
how it works

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