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Financial Services Solutions

Enabling smart living through financial management solutions

Digitalization Powers the Change

As the world enters a new era of digitalization, consumer behaviors and expectations are rapidly changing, with a clear shift towards cashless transactions and convenient subscription models. This, together with legislative changes that are reshaping the rules of the market, has created the opportunity for a broad range of new digital financial services, opening up a space for Enel X to play its key role of innovator.

Creating Value for Society

At Enel X, we build financial technology solutions to support the transition to a more advanced and sustainable society: payment and financial management tools designed to create value for people, cities and businesses through cutting-edge products that are simple, reliable and safe. Thanks to our digital offering and our widespread physical payment network — more than 6,000 proximity points, processing 15 million transactions a year and serving about 2.5 million people in Italy — we are able to meet an increasing request for “hybrid” solutions: a mix combining digital platforms with proximity for a seamless customer experience.