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Partner up with Enel X and thrive in a new, decarbonized, electrified and digitalized economy. Thanks to our scalable array of integrated, tailored end-to-end solutions, your business can actively engage in the energy transition, unlock new value across the board, access flexible financing options and achieve long-term economic growth. Forget about energy only being a cost or a risk: join us and seize new opportunities, while making a difference for the environment, local communities and your business. Our full-fledged global offering will take your business to the next level.

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Enabling your company to become more sustainable and profitable.

Net-Zero Advisory Solutions

Net-Zero Advisory Solutions

Track your emissions, designing a decarbonization strategy and achieve your Net-Zero targets

Demand Response and Flexibility Solutions

Demand Response and Flexibility

Monetize flexible energy consumption profiles and electricity produced

Distributed Energy and Infrastructure

Distributed Energy and Infrastructure

Generate sustainable power, save money and boost resiliency

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business