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X Labs

X Labs

A global network of centers where we partner with startups and SMEs to turn innovative ideas into sustainable solutions

An ideal environment for innovation

Enel’s international network of hubs & labs creates the ideal conditions for startups and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to propose innovative ideas, advance them though development and testing, and accelerate sustainable innovation in the energy sector. Innovation hubs are physical spaces where startups can get in touch with us to present their projects, while also exchanging ideas with other companies that operate in related sectors. We support them with competence from our own experts as well as external ones, and we put them in touch with potential funders and partners. In the labs, we provide them with testing facilities, software and all the necessary resources to develop their ideas and advance them until they are ready for the market. We now count on 28 hubs&labs in 9 countries across 3 continents, and the network keeps growing.

Enel X Global Retail’s Labs

In our X Labs we develop end-to-end solutions for electrification aimed at the residential and industrial sectors. We adopt an Open Innovation approach to:

  • Improve the efficiency and sustainability of storage systems, microgeneration and smart appliances
  • Enable clients to participate in grid flexibility services
  • Accelerate the growth of energy communities
  • Facilitate the integration of energy storage system technologies on different DC and AC grids, in different grid scenarios
  • Evaluate new energy storage system technologies and related possible business applications


The X Labs are characterized by a modular and interoperable structure. different assets work together in a controlled way, to reproduce different usage conditions, such as clients’ participation to grid services, microgrid configuration, aggregation of distributed generation, performing realistic tests of new technologies. The X Labs adopt a co-creation approach where technologies and services are developed together with internal and external stakeholders.

What we do in Catania

The Catania X Lab is an industrial Lab that develops integrated solutions to support electrification, and in particular new technologies and applications of energy storage systems such as clients’ participation in grid services, aggregation of distributed generation in Virtual Power Plants, microgrids. It is composed of three X labs and hosts research, development and testing activities for European projects such as IPCEI, ISMI e BD4NRG.

X LAB 13 Industrial Storage & Battery Digital Twin Lab

This laboratory works on testing grid-scale storage systems for applications FTM (Front-of-The-Meter) and BTM (Behind-The-Meter) and develops and tests “Digital Twins” and battery analytics for first and second life energy storage systems.

X LAB 6 Residential Distributed Generation Lab

It is a laboratory for testing residential storage systems, and for developing algorithms and platforms that support the aggregation of distributed generation, and the participation of residential customers to the grid services.

X LAB 7 Small C&I Storage & Microgrid System Lab

In this lab we test different microgrid configurations (on-grid/off-grid) for Commercial  and Industrial customers, we simulate different scenarios for energy communities, and we test small scale industrial energy storage systems.

Key numbers

  • 1,5 MVA of available power
  • 350 kW of battery cyclers with tensions ranging from 46V to 1500V.
  • 0,5MW microgrid controller and related Scada system for simulating different scenarios such as on-grid/off-grid microgrid, aggregation of distributed generation, grid services participation, energy communities and front-of-the-meter application of energy storage systems.
  • 80kVA network simulator to simulate different scenarios of grid services participation
  • 80/10/3/1,8 kW load simulators capable of simulate load profiles for different types of clients
  • 10 simulators of prosumer clients equipped with energy storage, PV panels and load simulators.
  • Commercial and Industrial testing environment for reproducing specific customersconfiguration
  • Outdoor testing area for standalone and containerized energy storage system (grid-scale)

What we do in Rome

The Rome X Lab is a living lab to develop interoperable solutions for commercial and industrial customers.. It is composed of three X Labs and hosts research, development and testing activities for European projects such as USERCHI, InterSTORE, IPCEI and PIONEER.

X LAB 1 Small Commercial & Industrial

This lab is dedicated to developing and testing medium-scale solutions, for example for medium-sized residential buildings and small commercial and industrial sites.

X LAB 3 Residential

Here we develop and test technologies for the residential target, as well as for small scale commercial, industrial and artisanal sites.

X LAB 5 Large Commercial & Industrial

This lab develops and tests large-scale solutions, for example for residential complexes, or for medium-sized commercial and industrial sites.

Key numbers

  • 1,8 MVA of assets, including interconnected and interoperable microgrids
  • Possibility to conduct integration tests with the nearby public HPC recharging station for additional 1,8 MVA
  • All assets are remotely controllable
  • 163 Kw bifacial Enel 3SUN photovoltaic plant
  • Generative network simulators
  • Several different types of battery storage (lithium, sodium, zinc, energy intensive supercapacitors).


X Labs

Open for ideas

We have amplified and evolved our approach toward innovation, developing a new business model based on openness and collaborative partnerships that listens and finds the right solutions.

Open Innovability

Open Innovability

Our crowdsourcing platform for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Startup Partners

Our Startup Partners

The energy transition requires innovation, accelerated through collaboration with an open network of startups.