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Startup partners

Our Startup Partners

Making the energy transition a reality requires innovation, accelerated through collaboration with an open network of startups

A startup ecosystem for a necessary energy transition

The transformation underway in the energy sector means Enel X has placed innovation at the center of its mission and business vision, from its inception in 2017. Since then, we have met this commitment by promoting, accelerating and simplifying innovation through an active program of collaboration between our own business units and outside entrepreneurs and startups, transforming their digital, small-scale, consumer-oriented and disruptive ideas into sustainable solutions. Our numbers tell the story:

Second Life Batteries

Second life batteries

Batteries can have a second chance to create sustainable value, enabling a more efficient energy consumption

City Analytics for Smart Cities

The smart city: Enel X and City Analytics

City Analytics gathers Big Data to produce actionable information for city administrations

solutions for smart communities

Enel X rises to the challenges of smart communities

Rates of urbanization, new technologies and new demands mean it’s vital to get smart