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Enel X, Infracapital join forces to provide new energy solutions

Smart Technology in North America Has a New Name: Enel X

The rebranding follows on company successes in bringing renewable energy systems to clients in Canada and the US

Published on OCTOBER 04, 2018

An Official Launch to Embrace New Challenges

Enel X is turning North America its particular shade of purple, bringing its innovative vision across the pond. On October 1 leading US Demand Response company EnerNOC, which was acquired last year by the Enel Group, changed its name to Enel X. The official launch took place at the company’s Boston headquarters and was attended by Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini and Mike Storch, Head of Enel X North America. But this is much more than a name change – it is a strategic move to embrace new challenges and new opportunities

A Smart Microgrid in Brooklyn

First self-sufficient apartment building

The combined photovoltaic, storage and fuel cell system developed by Demand Energy is the first microgrid in NYC

Enel X made its debut in the American market last July at the New York race of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, where it was the Official Smart Charging Partner. But our company’s smart experience had already arrived in New York, where the company is the leader in behind-the-meter storage. At the Marcus Garvey Apartments in Brooklyn, Enel X fitted the 625-unit apartment complex with an intelligent microgrid that uses a combined photovoltaic, battery storage and fuel cell system to make the complex self-sufficient thanks in part also to an independent self-produced backup power supply.

Expanding Demand Response in New York City

With the integration Enel X is now able to expand its product offerings for its customers, unlocking even greater value for them. Existing distributed energy resources (DER) customer Glenwood Management, one of New York City’s largest developers, owners and managers of luxury, residential rental properties leveraged Enel X’s new suite of services. Earlier this year Glenwood Management signed an agreement with Enel X to provide Demand Response services at a number of buildings in its NYC real estate portfolio. The DR agreement expanded upon Glenwood’s existing relationship with Enel X, featuring a DER portfolio of 6.3 MWh of battery storage technologies and 2 MW of solar-plus-storage installations across some of its real estate properties.
Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity

Unlocking New Value in Canada

Integrated Strategy for Decarbonization

Integrated Strategy for Decarbonization

When it comes to the energy transition, Enel X solutions cover all sectors, from homes to businesses and transport

Over the last year Enel X has also broken into new storage markets in North America. In Ontario, Canada, food packaging manufacturer Amhil North America also expanded upon its existing Demand Response relationship with Enel X through an agreement to deploy a 2.34 MW/4.7 MWh lithium-ion energy storage system at their plant. By adding storage technology, Amhil is now able to monetize its energy use and create added value through the combination of Enel X’s services and technologies.

About Enel X North America

On  October 1, EnerNOC’s new North American tech business was rebranded as Enel X. A global business leading the transformation of the energy sector, Enel X enables consumers, businesses and communities to make smarter decisions about the way energy is created, stored and managed. Enel X is thus bringing its alternative approach to North America, rewriting the rules of the energy and electricity markets in the process.

In its first year in business, Enel’s latest addition demonstrated the importance of changing perspective in order to implement real change. While it is true that change can be lightning-fast in the energy industry, it is equally the case that we need to be poised to embrace new challenges and turn them into opportunities. 

Tailored Solutions to Deliver Energy as a Service

Enel X crafts tailored solutions to fit every situation, covering every possible intelligent alternative to offer a wide and varied choice of possibilities, including energy storage and microgrids, or smaller grids that can operate completely independently of the national grid. The Marcus Garvey Village experience in New York City is the perfect example of this. What seemed like a far-distant future has become a reality in Brooklyn where private homes can now count on an independent energy supply produced by rooftop photovoltaic panels, which can be tapped into when necessary as it is “warehoused” in storage batteries.

But this is exactly what the Enel X philosophy is about: energy as a service. A new name, a new brand but most importantly an even broader, richer, smarter range of products, services and offers that is now also more global than ever.