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Blue skies, ‘green’ government buildings and facilities in the Balearics

With help from Endesa Energía and Endesa X, the Mediterranean islands’ public buildings and its facilities will be powered by 100% renewable energy

Published on JUNE 26, 2023
When the government of the Balearic Islands wanted to increase the sustainability of its energy supply, it issued a public tender for a project that would supply all public buildings with 100% renewable energy. The tender was won by Endesa, which set a fixed price for all energy supply contracts to the territory’s government for the duration of one year, from June 1st 2023 to May 31st 2024. The contract also calls for Endesa X to install 11 PV plants across the islands to supply further energy for self-consumption.

One-stop-shop partner for decarbonization

The total electricity demand for the local administration’s buildings and installations is estimated at 270 GWh/year. As a guarantee of the renewable origin of the power supplied, the energy sold to the Balearic Islands government will also come with “Green Energy” certification.


In addition, the agreement provides for the installation of 11 PV plants for self-consumption by Endesa X. These plants - with a maximum capacity of 631.45 kWp - will be positioned on the rooftops of local government-owned buildings; by contributing to the production of clean and sustainable energy, they will help the Balearic Islands’ government reduce its dependence on traditional fossil fuels. 

Smart City

City Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

The photovoltaic system built by Endesa X for the Balearic Islands government is made up of the following installations: IES Sineu (91 KWp), IES Berenguer d’Anoia (120.95 KWp), IES Binissalem (60 KWp), CIFP Juníper Serra (70 KWp), Algaida Health Centre (12.5 KWp), Can Picafort Health Centre (40 KWp), Sóller Sewage Treatment Plant (75 KWp), Vilafranca de Bonany Sewage Treatment Plant (50 KWp), the irrigation pool in Consell (30 KWp), irrigation pool in Capdepera (70 KWp) and the Sa Riera Occupational Centre Palma (12 kWp).

With Endesa X anyplace is a good place for renewables

Endesa X’s expertise with PV plant installations means that there are (almost) no locations which can’t be used to site infrastructure. This is particularly important in geographically challenging locations like the Balearic Islands. Indeed, in the municipality of Consell, the photovoltaic panels will be installed on a floating platform in the irrigation pool. The entire Balearic Islands project is an example of the synergies between Endesa Energia and Endesa X and is proof of the Group’s approach to sustainability, an approach that includes not only the supply of renewable energy but also the construction of innovative energy efficiency projects. The contract with the Balearic Islands government is yet another demonstration of how the two ‘souls’ of the group work successfully together, each leveraging upon the other’s experience, skills and capabilities to deliver complete - and sustainable - energy solutions.