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Ufinet Wins Company of the Year Award

The Latin American company, part of the Enel X Ultra Broadband Global Business Unit, accelerates towards innovation

Published on SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Award recognizes Ufinet’s innovative approach

Ufinet, the leading wholesale operator of fiber-optic networks in Latin America and an Enel X company in its Ultra Broadband Global Business Unit, has won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award. The mission of the award  is to recognize and reward innovation and disruption in the business world across the whole gamut of technologies, products and services. Its analysts measure performance through independent, primary interviews and industry research in order to drive innovation and excellence by recognition of best-in-class products, companies and individuals.

What is Ufinet

Ufinet, as a neutral optical fiber wholesale operator, provides data connectivity and capacity services to operators and system integrators through fiber optic networks, both small- and large-scale, with extensive fiber-optic coverage in major cities in the 17 countries where we are present. More than 70,000 km of optical fiber deployed and over 22 years of experience are what make Ufinet one of Latin America's favorite operators.

Enel X’s contribution to Latin American growth in the ultra-broadband sector

In 2018 Enel X finalized the acquisition of 21% of the share capital of a NewCo that holds Ufinet International. The Sixth Cinven Fund, managed by the international private equity firm Cinven, in turn owns the remaining 79% of the NewCo’s share capital.


The company has an option to acquire the outstanding stock for between 1.32 billion euro and 2.1 billion euro next year, with the final price depending on business performance.

Enel X is seeking to accelerate growth in Latin America in the ultra-broadband sector, as part of its latest strategic plan. Buying the stake takes the Rome-based company into the Latin American market for value-added services, opening up a vast customer base in a fast-growing region with high levels of urbanization.

What is optical fiber

One optical fiber can carry over 90,000 television channel broadcasts and about 3 million voice calls. Data can fly through fiber-optic networks. Fiber-optic cables can carry light over very long distances without distorting the signal. The cables do not conduct electricity, meaning there are no problems with ground loops or lightning strikes. They can also be hung alongside high-voltage power cables.