Enel X celebrates its first year in e-Mobility

Vallelunga hosts the second edition of the Enel X event on September 21, celebrating our sustainable mobility adventure

Published on SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

Enel X gears up for Vallelunga event

In recent months Enel X has cheered on the drivers in both Formula E and the Smart Cup, the first-ever championship for electric two-seaters, and it has raced on the MotoE circuits. But now the time has now come for the event of the year: e-Mobility Revolution 2018. Electric and sustainable mobility, smart charging infrastructures, and an app with an intuitive and innovative user experience are just some of the highlights that will be presented on September 21 at the Vallelunga Circuit, a historic racetrack in the town of Campagnano near Rome.
eMotorsports: sustainable solutions for EV races


Sustainable innovation from the race track to the street

Test drives and taking stock

The event, which is organized by Enel X, will be an opportunity for lively debate about the state of electric mobility in Italy. There will also be plenty of fun with test drives: it will be possible to try out various electric car models on the track, and experience the pleasure of driving these fascinating zero-impact vehicles. Coinciding with European Mobility Week, the event will tell the story of Enel Xs first year of involvement in electric mobility.
It will take stock of what has been done so far and what still needs to be done. Topics of discussion will include the Italy Plan, the national network of charging infrastructures that the company is installing all over the country. The Enel X network is in fact the largest public charging infrastructure in Italy.

Technological “pearls” by Enel X

e-Mobility Hub

The Enel X e-Mobility Hub

The first development and testing center for our electric mobility technologies

The real stars at Vallelunga will be Enel X’s charging infrastructures. They are the technological “pearls” of the electric revolution and are at the forefront of this e-Mobility adventure. The latest technological solutions and many other products and services will be presented at Vallelunga for the first time. And they are ready to be launched on the market as early as 2019. Even the Enel X Recharge App has plenty of new features in store for its customers. The app, which allows you to access your personal account by choosing from all the charging options, has many surprises, all of which will be revealed at e-Mobility Revolution 2018.

Our commitment to e-Mobility

Enel X is deeply committed to radically transforming electric mobility. The Enel X electrified revolution is clearly converging on innovative solutions for the gradual but definitive abandonment of combustion engines, both in vehicles for private and commercial use.
So save the date: Vallelunga, on September 21, and let’s race together with Enel X towards the future of mobility!