What Is a Fiber Optic Network?

Fiber optic networks are made up of optical cables that transmit information — such as telephone, television, and internet signals — in the form of infrared light pulses.

Thanks to their rapid data transfer capability, we can implement self-drive artificial intelligence (AI) systems for cars or drones, or manage safety on construction sites and work areas to ensure fast delivery of fundamental services.


How Does a Fiber Optic Network Work?

A fiber optic network is made up of bundled glass or polymer cables, which can carry an enormous volume of data compared to traditional copper cables.


How Fast Is a Fiber Optic Network?

One optical fiber can carry 90,000 television channels and three million voice calls. Data can fly through fiber optic networks, which can also carry light over very long distances without distorting the signal.


Is a Fiber Optic Network Available in my Area?

Enel X can install fiber optic networks for homes, cities and businesses, making them more efficient, smart and comfortable by unlocking the power of ultra-high-speed communications.

What Are the Advantages of a Fiber Optic Network?


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