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Enel X Financial Services teams up with Tink

Enel X Financial Services has tapped Tink, the Stockholm-based open banking platform, to power its digital financial services solutions

Published on SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

A strategic move ahead of new services launch

The partnership with Tink is a strategic choice for Enel X as it prepares to launch a series of new services for its customers, first in Italy, then in the rest of Europe. Tink’s personal finance management technology and digital banking solutions will be key to Enel X’s ability to meet its customers’ demands for smart digital financial services.

A new digital banking offer for our customers

Payment Solutions

Financial Services Solutions

Enabling smart living through financial management solutions

Enel X Financial Services is among the business units that are spearheading the Enel Group’s push into innovative products and solutions in the way energy is used and where its potential for transformation is greatest. The new digital banking offer will be integrated within the broader Enel ecosystem that embeds services such as energy and e-mobility.

What is Tink?

Tink, which was founded in 2012, helps companies compete for customers by taking advantage of open banking regulations to aggregate accounts and use data to offer simpler, more efficient financial management services. The company has worked with major institutions including PayPal, Nordea and ABN Amro, according to its website.
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