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What are your proposals for helping us to support customers remotely?

Lockdown has accelerated the need for us to have some way of interacting with customers to support and assist them without needing to visit their sites or homes

Published on JULY 02, 2020

New Technologies to Tackle Lockdown Challenges

With lockdown continuing to limit mobility and present risks to health, Enel X is looking for ways to provide support and assistance to its customers without having to physically send its engineers out on visits to sites where they may be exposed to external risks. This unexpected situation has at the same time accelerated the transition to a “new normal”, offering significant opportunities to use new technologies to fight climate change and install greener, more sustainable ways of working and doing business. This is the context for a series of Enel Group ReShape challenges.

What We Are Looking For

For this specific challenge, we want to see innovative solutions that will allow us to interact with our customers remotely, in ways that are smarter, more efficient and safer. The need for these was apparent before the outbreak of the pandemic, but the disease has made it more urgent. Any solution must be low-cost for both residential and industrial customers. We are willing to consider technologies as well as best practices as long as they reduce the need to send our engineers out to customer premises, offer a high level of customer interaction and are straightforward to install and use. 
Our Offer

Our Offer

From electric mobility to smart cities, and from smart homes to energy storage and flexibility services

Targeted Solutions for Specific Customers

Business Solutions

e-Industries Solutions

Enabling sustainable progress, together

We are also happy to evaluate solutions that are targeted at specific customer types, be they residential or industrial. For residential customers, solutions must be deliverable on smartphones, or on similar widely held personal devices. For industrial clients, we need to see a clear reduction in the cost of the intervention and in the time and number of people involved in the various design, installation and maintenance activities.

Safe, Sustainable, Transformative, Innovative

All proposed solutions must be verified and documented, be safe and comply with regulations, as well as being environmentally and economically sustainable. Enel’s commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals must also be supported. The challenge is open to start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs from any country and is part of a global call that aims to transform innovative ideas into solutions to the issues that must be tackled to ensure the energy landscape evolves in a way that leads to a more sustainable world. We want you to be part of the solution to the challenges we all face.
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Criteria and Deadline

Participants in this challenge should write a preliminary proposal which Enel will assess with an eye to a potential collaboration. The criteria used in the assessment will include its feasibility; its economic and business potential; its novelty; and whether it can be protected.
Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm Central European Time on Sept. 30, 2020. For the rules of the challenge, please visit the web page.