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Electric mobility has a new name in Spain: Endesa X

Electric mobility has a new name in Spain: Endesa X

The new brand brings innovative solutions to turn Spanish transportation into a model of sustainability

Published on NOVEMBER 16, 2018

Endesa X to Install 8,500 Public Charging Stations

Spanish electric mobility has a new name: Endesa X. The new brand, which had its official launch in Madrid on November 16, plans to install 8,500 public recharging points, more than 2,000 of which will be up and running within the next two years, making it easier for e-vehicle drivers to travel from city to city. The points will cover more than 15,000 kilometers of the country’s busiest roads. The first part of the Endesa X plan for green Spanish transportation will guarantee access to public charging infrastructure for around 75% of the population.

Green Charging Infrastructure for Cities and Highways

The second part, which rolls out between 2021 and 2023, will see more than 6,500 charging points installed in urban areas, along the main highways and on the Spanish islands. Endesa X plans to install around 100,000 private charging points in residential buildings and on corporate premises. This green charging infrastructure will involve an investment of 65 million euros with in excess of 100,000 charging points being installed over the next five years.
They will all be powered by renewable sources. This is by far the most ambitious electric mobility program ever planned in Spain and it was unveiled at an event at Madrid’s Goya Theatre by Endesa CEO José Bogas, Endesa X Head Josep Trabado and Endesa X Head of e-Mobility Elena Bernárdez. Also present was Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini, who gave the closing address.

About Endesa X

Endesa X was founded in response to the energy transition and the changing needs of an increasingly knowledgeable customer base, as well as to develop and make available a range of innovative projects and solutions for cities, companies, homes and electric mobility. The new brand is the perfect response to the current transformation in the energy market and reflects a constantly evolving ecosystem in a country that is placing an increasing focus on environmental issues.
Indeed Spain will soon be introducing a law covering the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. It will ban the sale of all polluting vehicles by 2040 and make electric vehicle charging points compulsory at service stations by 2050.

A Growing Market for EVs

This makes installing a charging point network even more vital to easing the transition to electric vehicles for car owners, particularly at a point in history when batteries with high performance ranges are becoming available on the car market. As reported in national daily newspaper El Paismore than 40% of drivers have expressed an interest in trying an electric vehicle in a recent Spanish market research survey, and Endesa X is ready to open up that particular door to them. The company’s plan will also benefit from the fact that so many car manufacturers are launching new electric vehicles, most of which will have a range of over 400 kilometers.
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

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X Marks the Spot for Electric Mobility

The Endesa X network will span 22 kW Rapid, 50 kW Fast and 150 kW-plus Ultrafast charging points. All the infrastructure installed as part of this plan will be connected to the soon-to-launch Enel X Recharge app which will provide users with all the practical information they need on their smartphones. So, in Spain too X marks the spot for electric mobility, thanks to Endesa X. A future-forward wave of change driven by Enel X’s experience.
Someone’s hand using the Enel X JuicePass App