Enel X, renewables, intelligence and the future

Enel X, renewables, intelligence and the future

Eliano Russo, Head of e-Industries at Enel X, was interviewed by Bloomberg during a conference in Brussels

Published on MARCH 08, 2018

The “Grids meet renewables” conference

“There’s always a degree of flexibility in identifying what we can offer our clients in the way of opportunities for savings and profit,” says Eliano Russo, Head of e-Industries at Enel X, during an interview with Bryony Collins, ‎ ‎Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance editor, at the “Grids meet Renewables” conference, which was held in Brussels on 20 February. The Grids meet Renewables event took place at The Egg, a congress and meeting centre in the Belgian capital, and featured the main players on the energy scene. The conference provided an opportunity to exchange ideas on the theme of renewable energy. The panels focused their attention on challenges, solutions and good practice by companies and public organizations.
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Enabling sustainable progress, together

The role of grid management

Together with other important figures in the renewable energy industry, Eliano Russo contributed to the discussion on grid management through variable renewables. The round table dealt with themes that will define the energy market of the future, concentrating on the very real impact that different business choices can make in this field. Today’s clients demand sustainability in an ecosystem where the energy culture is spreading like wildfire, creating a revolution in the way we think about renewables. Enel X is the ideal partner for clients seeking support in meeting this new challenge. 
It offers a perfect combination of quality and resilience, helping make consumers aware they are being offered the most cutting-edge technical innovations by a partner with exceptional experience in this field. “The first fundamental question we ask companies,” says Russo, “Is how much they spend on energy and if the amount they purchase satisfies their real needs.” Enel X analyses energy bills and offers a consultancy service recommending both conventional and renewable solutions, with a constant emphasis on optimising energy and reducing consumption.

The business of the future

Our Group offers personalised solutions for companies, hospitals and schools, analysing their individual requirements and proposing tailor-made projects that can streamline their energy use, as well as models of resilience to follow by using renewable sources, micro-grids and the Demand Response system.
These systems support the grid in the event of interruptions to supply, taking advantage of storage facilities and latest-generation batteries, ensuring continuity even in critical situations.
Last year Enel acquired the American company EnerNOC, a world leader in Demand Energy. This has enabled Enel to maximise the potential benefits offered to e-Industry clients.  “We firmly believe that this is the business of the future. Smart systems will make the real difference,” Russo concluded.