Enel X, more than just street lamps

Enel X, more than just street lamps

The Chairman and CEO of Enel X, Francesco Venturini, explains the innovation of the new line of street lamps

Published on MARCH 30, 2018

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The lighting units that Enel X has already installed and continues to install in 3,300 Italian cities are not merely lamps for street lighting. In fact, the new street lamps are fully-fledged technological service points, in tune with the philosophy of building automation that is becoming increasingly widespread in Italian homes. Enel X has installed an impressive 1.8 million new LED street lamps to illuminate Italy’s streets with eco-friendly and qualitatively superior light, as the CEO and Chairman of Enel X Francesco Venturini explained in an interview with Affari&Finanza, the business and finance supplement of the newspaper La Repubblica
Smart Public Lighting

Smart Public Lighting

Shedding new light on the smart cities of the future

Making cities smarter

And this is just the beginning. Returning to the theme of smart automation, which is arriving in an increasing number of apartments via smart devices launched on the market at affordable prices, these new lamps are making the roads and streets smart too. In the smart city of the very near future, each terminal will not only be connected to the grid but will also be equipped with a camera for the dual function of monitoring traffic and ensuring public safety. 
In fact, each element will have movement sensors that detect the presence of a pedestrian or vehicle, thus providing real time information on mobility and adjusting light according to actual needs, thereby providing further energy savings. But there is even more. These innovative street lamps are also set to offer public Wi-Fi coverage and, in the near future, they will also serve as charging stations for e-cars. 

The Open Fibre project

It is no coincidence that Enel’s CEO Francesco Starace has been a keen advocate of the Open Fibre project: fibre optic cable will pass under each of these revolutionary smart street lamps, thereby also transforming these multi-utility stations into strategic support points for 5G antennas, the future of new mobile network technology. “It will not all happen immediately”, Venturini warned, “There are some regulatory aspects that must still be completed”. Yet it would appear that the future of Enel X is traveling at the speed of light.