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A webinar on the electrification of public transport in Latin America

Real cases, best practices and the "as-a-service" model

At 11 a.m. on April 19, we are organizing a webinar on the electrification of public transport services in Latin America. This is part of the path toward more sustainable, livable and decarbonized urban centers.

The speakers will focus on:

  • The evaluation of the impacts in terms of the efficiency, costs and environmental benefits of the electrification of public transport.
  • How to electrify local public transport effectively
  • Local projects in Chile, Colombia and Mexico


During the webinar, you will be able to listen to, and interact with:

  • Orlando Santiago, Managing Director at Transmilenio
  • Fredy Velazquez, Director of Planning and Operations at Metrobus
  • Esteban Duque, Head of Business Development Electric Buses at Enel X Colombia
  • Rafael Burgos Aguilar, Head of e-Mobility and Distributed Energy at Enel México
  • Orlando Meneses, Head of e-City at Enel X Chile


You can register for free by filling out the form at this link.


And, while you wait for the live session, you can find out more about the world of electric public transport here.