Enel X in the fast lane

Enel X in the fast lane

The Rome ePrix isn’t only an exciting event, it’s also a great showcase for electric mobility

Published on MARCH 20, 2021

Switching gears to ePrix

A Formula E showdown on the streets of Rome is a modern-day gladiatorial event. The electrically powered Formula E championship is officially the second longest lap on the circuit, with drivers of single-seater electric cars agilely maneuvering the 2.8 kilometre Circuito Cittadino track in Rome’s EUR neighborhood. Enel X teamed up with the organizers of this major event to demonstrate how making cities more sustainable and efficient is a win-win for everyone, including businesses and the general public alike. Designing sustainable city environments on a human scale promotes a holistic approach to wellbeing and enhanced general living. Enel X is dedicated not only to revamping energy systems for everyday use but also works to implement renewable energy options on a broader scale.
Formula E racing cars Rome

Enel X gets on track

Cars going head-to-head at maximum pace in one of the world’s most competitive series, zooming through this Roman community filled with impressive 20th century architecture. The ABB-FIA Formula E World Championship race highlights how far e-Mobility has come in the last decade. Here, technology fuels speed.


With a viewership of more than 35 million people worldwide and with 35,000 spectators attending in person, Enel X developed latest generation technology with City Analytics to ensure the Eternal City is one step ahead at every point of the race.

Formula E

Formula E

Supercharging the electric single-seater world championship

Enel X City Analytics Supports Cities

A powerful and innovative platform, City Analytics was created to support city officials in analyzing big data to the fullest extent. The platform has numerous capabilities, beginning with its ability to collect large amounts of data from a variety of informants, such as from apps, ad networks and other data sources. It then aggregates this data anonymously, strictly adhering to EU privacy laws, so that officials can then use this data to optimize event services and manage crowd mobility based on up-to-the minute figures.
During the event, the program reviews crowd flow and individual’s movement throughout the EUR quarter, calculating on an hourly basis when turnout has reached its peak. The platform is also able to understand whether event attendees are local residents of Rome or if they are joining from other areas of Italy and/or internationally.

Event management and City Analytics

Smart city

e-City Solutions

Empowering the smart city revolution, for people and the environment

With City Analytics municipalities are also able to improve event services by enhancing their response to live feedback and demand, and they can optimize mobility services for residents and event attendees. The ability to accumulate data on tourism and hospitality allows local authorities to better position service points for visitors traveling from out of town, thereby consolidating Rome as a welcoming destination. An additional advantage is the ability to provide adequate event security, which protects everyone from drivers to local Rome residents to tourists. Safety is paramount to maintaining a solid public infrastructure and smooth event operations.

e-Mobility transformation

City Analytics also helps local authorities better understand public transport use, including providing a calculation of the percentage of those who took the subway and which stations and airports were used most widely. The platform is also able to provide data on tourism the day of the Formula E race, noting which monuments and historic locations in Rome were most visited.


Revolutionizing a motorsports event with experimental new e-Mobility technology is no easy task and it doesn’t end with the wave of a flag.

Governments, automobile users and manufacturers need to get in the driver’s seat and join the race for e-Mobility transformation.  Enel X continues to set the pace in its mission to promote electric mobility with cutting-edge technologies that can and will be utilized in many other areas.