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a winning energy plan

Creating a winning energy plan with Enel X

A strategic plan clearly tailored to the individual needs of the client is the way to save energy costs in an increasingly difficult market

A complex market

Any market can be tough to navigate, even for insiders, and the energy market is no different. That underlines the importance of experience, of having the right range of products, and of displaying a razor-sharp focus on the needs of the customer as the key elements in forming a strategic plan for energy use that can make all the difference in terms of cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Enel X: a case study

This is in the context of a wider move by the energy industry to better understand and react to client needs through the use of digital technologies. This is pushing energy companies to refashion business models to unlock new revenue streams and win new clients. Enel X is among the early movers in this direction, according to a recent report by BloombergNEF, the energy data and consulting arm of the international media giant, which singled out our Customer Insights team for a case study.


We can offer clients a full suite of energy solutions, from the installation of arrays of solar panels and cogeneration assets, to energy storage using the most modern lithium-ion battery technology. 

Business solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals


Our technology integrates all of that with platforms that use artificial intelligence to monitor and optimize clients’ energy consumption in real time. All this can be tailored to clients’ needs and business priorities by our Customer Insights team, is a fundamental part of our strategy of building deep and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

Four software solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Customer Insights operates in 15 countries in all, including the US and UK, as well as in Central and South America, Italy, Spain, Japan and Oceania. We use a suite of four software solutions, and add human input to leverage the data generated by the software. This allows us to provide benchmarking and analysis, sustainability goals, as well as advice on renewable energy, clients’ in-house generation assets and power purchase agreements. Utility Bill Management provides automated management of utility costs across the board, from water and waste to electricity and gas. This generates data that can be used to gain insights into how power can be used more efficiently. Our Energy Management software collects, analyses and contrasts consumption data in real time, offering customers descriptive, predictive, analytical and reporting functionality. Comfort Management looks after the running of the customer’s devices remotely, including heat pumps and air conditioning, while our Exchange software gives insight into how to buy energy. It enables consulting services including risk management, budgeting and forecasting, and procurement.

What Customer Insights does for clients

Customer Insights’ job is to deliver a strategic plan that will help customers cut energy costs and reach sustainability goals. Our consultants collect data generated by our software and feed them into a digital engine that produces an optimal strategy for energy saving. The team then brings in the part, or parts, of the company that can offer the service, or combination of services, needed to meet those goals.
Someone’s hands using a computer

Integrated approach, tailored strategies

The aim of the strategy is to deliver maximum value with the minimum possible disruption. To make this work, it is important it is done in a joined-up way through an integrated approach. In some cases, the desired result might be delivered simply by turning off lighting, reducing air conditioning or turning off pumps. In others, the best way may be to reschedule energy intensive operations by a few hours to a time when the load on the grid is lower.
In still other cases, switching to backup generation or stored energy may be the appropriate method. In each case, our consultants will work with the client to set out a tailor-made strategy that meets the needs and targets of each facility.

A trusted partner with a wealth of expertise

Enel X is the trusted partner for companies seeking a comprehensive, integrated strategic plan to maximize efficiency and sustainability without compromising on competitiveness. We have the depth of experience and breadth of knowledge to ensure that our partners benefit fully from a plan built from their data and constructed with their needs in mind.