e-Mobility Meetup

Enel X Back in Israel for e-Mobility Meetup

A new date with Enel X’s technological innovation at the Labs Event Space in Tel Aviv. This time the subject was solutions for electric mobility

Published on JANUARY 30, 2020

Paving the Way for e-Mobility

Enel X returned to Israel for an event held in collaboration with the Enel Innovation Hub Tel Aviv. Held at the Labs Event Space in Tel Aviv on January 21, the Enel X Electric Mobility Meetup made a very positive impression. It followed on the success of Powering Up New Opportunities, a networking event held on March 25, 2019. On that occasion Enel X’s business lines were presented to the Israeli market.

Seeding Startups and New Opportunities

That event featured more than 200 startups, venture capital funds and accelerators. The following day a boot camp was held for 50 startups that took part in an extra in-depth session. In 2019 we met with some of Israel’s most promising startups and, needless to say, we transformed these meetings into fruitful collaborations, selecting three of those young companies to carry out Proof of Concept (PoC) studies: OtonomoAnagog and Make My Day
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Focusing on Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Leading the global transformation in the way you move

On our return to Tel Aviv we brought our technological revolution and the new challenges with which we grapple every day, sharing our own innovative ideas in order to fuel and support the search for new approaches and technologies with a focus on electric mobility and the challenges of the future. The meetup provided a forum for discussion with key players in the sector and a chance to work together to find new strategies to maximize business opportunities through the use of the latest technologies. Once again, participating startups were offered a chance to pitch their projects directly to Enel X and other important stakeholders.

Three Startups Share Their Enel X Experience

The three Israeli startups with which Enel X has launched partnerships talked about their experience with our brand and the ways in which we are testing their solutions. In particular, Anagog focused on client profiling, automatically identifying the behavior and habits of our JuicePass clients in order to provide exclusive insights and services. 
Otonomo and Make My Day, on the other hand, concentrated on platforms for the analysis and management of data from electric vehicles in order to help e-car drivers define personalized travel routes, thereby optimizing charging services along those routes. 

A Common Goal for an Electric Future

The common goal of these fledgling companies’ projects is to increase the use of electric vehicles, improve user experience and thus reduce the “range anxiety” that is associated with electric mobility. Enel X continues to build an extensive network in Israel, where the most innovative ideas encounter the very latest, smart technologies. Because the electric revolution requires us all to work together in order to move forward.