LATAM Mobility Summit

Enel X races ahead at 2019 LATAM Mobility Summit

Enel X showcased its innovative solutions at the third edition of Latin America’s leading event for sustainable mobility

Published on JUNE 13, 2019

Sustainability Shines at Mobility Summit

The yearly LATAM Mobility Summit, now in its third edition, was founded in 2016 and brings together leading transportation professionals in Latin America — the world’s most highly urbanized region where, according to the United Nations, 89% of the population will live in cities by 2050. The summit took place on June 4-5 in the Colombian city of Medellín — which made headlines around the globe thanks to its commitment to sustainable transportation — and provided an overview of the current state of sustainable mobility as well as a forum to discuss the new opportunities offered by the combination of technology and sustainability. 
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Leading the global transformation in the way you move

Smart, Green Alternatives for Climate Action

As in previous editions, this year’s event brought the main players in the e-mobility ecosystem together to develop strategies in the face of the increasingly urgent challenge of climate action. It also showcased smart, green alternatives that companies such as Enel X are bringing within reach of the general public. 
Speaking on behalf of Enel X at the Summit were Simone Tripepi, Head of Enel X South America, who gave a keynote speech to present the company’s e-mobility projects and solutions in the region, and Mauricio Miranda, Head of e-Mobility Enel X Colombia, who sat on a panel titled “Electric Mobility: The Great Opportunity for Utilities?”.

Enel X e-Buses Drive Change in Chile

 Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transportation

Zero-emissions mobility for sustainable cities

Some time ago, Latin American capitals began to look into environmentally friendly options to combat high urban pollution levels. They focused their efforts on the public transportation sector, which has been reinvigorated thanks to the use of bicycles, car-sharing apps and electric buses. Meanwhile the electric public transit revolution has arrived on the streets of Santiago with the introduction of the 103 e-Bus line that carries the Enel X name in December last year. This earned Chile the title of number one country in Latin America and number two in the world in terms  zero-emissions buses in circulation.

New Technologies by Enel X at International Motor Show

Electric mobility is at the forefront of debate across South America and was the undisputed focus at the latest edition of the International Motor Show, the leading trade fair for the automotive sector, which was held in Sao PauloBrazil, from November 8-18. Enel X not only presented new products that were specifically developed to charge electric vehicles, such as the latest JuiceBox, but also described its experience with Vehicle-to-Grid technology, which enables cars to store energy that can be used to stabilize the grid.
EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Scalable, intelligent, avant-garde solutions for people, cities and businesses

Enel X’s JuicePump Powers Formula E in Santiago

The FIA Formula E Championship

The FIA Formula E Championship

Closing the gap between track and street by demonstrating the potential of e-Mobility

The huge interest in electric mobility in Latin America is complemented by its love for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first electric and sustainable motor racing event: in January it returned to the streets of Santiago, Chile, where it was a resounding success with the public. Enel X is the competition’s Official Smart Charging Partner and brought its JuicePump Formula E edition charging station to the race. This mobile charger weighing under 200 kg can be transported easily from one circuit to another, and can deliver a full charge seven times faster than the infrastructure currently available on the Chilean market. There’s no doubt about it, in Latin America the electric revolution is racing ahead with Enel X.