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Ultra-fast charge for electric buses in Barcelona

Enel X delivers cutting-edge roadside infrastructure to keep buses running between stations

Starting point:

To improve the management of the electric buses service and deal with needs and unexpected requests of recharging, the city of Barcelona identified the necessity of installing ultra-fast charging systems.

The project:

Enel X and TMB - local public transport operator - installed an innovative system of ultra-fast chargers for electric buses, named “Pantografo”. This system works thanks to the combination of two elements: a column for recharge and a retractable arm positioned on the top of the bus. It has the following characteristics:

  • power of 400kW
  • battery recharge varies between 40% and 80% in 5-8 minutes
  • sharing data in real-time with TMB control center to optimize the management of the fleet
  • full security of the passengers, that can get on and off the bus at any moment, even during recharge
  • synchronization of timing for fast recharge and breaks of the drivers, without any impact on time schedules
Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transport

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Electric bus being charged
The recharge lasts few minutes but it is enough for the bus to complete its way back to the station (around 12 km). There, as part of the project ZeEUS, two points of fast charge are installed to fully recharge electric buses in two or three hours.