Enel X e-mobility now extends to Peru

Enel X e-mobility now extends to Peru

Enel X has launched a pilot project in collaboration with the Chinese automobile manufacturer BYD and the Peruvian operator Taxi Directo

Published on SEPTEMBER 03, 2019

Enel X Brings e-Taxis to Lima

Latin America is again at the forefront of e-mobility.  After the e-buses of Chile, which have truly revolutionized public transportation in the country’s capital, Santiago, “electrifying” news is now coming from Peru. In partnership with Chinese car manufacturer BYD and Peruvian operator Taxi DirectoEnel X has launched a pilot project to put two electric taxis into service in the Peruvian capital of Lima. The taxis will circulate for six months and the aim is to gather data about vehicle performance with a view to integrating 30 electric cars into the taxi company’s fleet. Peru’s first two electric taxis will record data on costs and savings, emission reductions and the performance of the smart chargers. The charging stations, a Juicebox Pro 32 and a Fast Charge, will be installed by Enel X’s team in Peru while BYD will provide the two e-vehicles which will be operated and managed by Taxi Directo.

In Chile the fleet of electric buses

Another 183 electric buses will soon be operational on the streets of the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile

The Advantages of e-Mobility

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

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The multiple advantages of a 100% electric taxi service start with the significant reduction in CO2 emissions, considering that each e-vehicle avoids the emission of approximately 11-16 tonnes of polluting gas per year.  Another advantage is the reduction in noise pollution, especially important in densely populated cities like the Peruvian capital, which today counts 10 million inhabitants. Maintenance of the e-vehicles costs significantly less than that of their polluting “cousins”, resulting in savings of an estimated 200 to 450 sol (50-120 euros) each month. In addition, a comparison of performance shows the e-vehicle producing tangible savings compared with a petrol or diesel-powered car of between 15 and 45 sol (4 - 12 euros) a day, calculated over a distance of 200 km. There’s no doubt about it, with Enel X e-mobility a sustainable future is just around the corner.