Formula E returns to Chile, this time no pit-stop needed

Formula E returns to Chile, this time no pit-stop needed

Thanks to the JuicePump supercharger and to the new batteries with doubled capacity, the race does not stop – not even once.

Published on JANUARY 31, 2019

Efficient Pubic Lighting by Enel X

The Chilean race in the ABB-FIA Formula E Championship was held on 26 January and follows on the success of the previous season.  There were many new elements this year, including the location, with a custom designed circuit at Parque O’Higgins, where new public lighting created by Enel X was inaugurated for the occasion. This redevelopment of the area provides new, efficient and intelligent lighting, with 167 LED lights on the roads and 132 in the pedestrian areas.
Smart Public Lighting

Smart Public Lighting

Shedding new light on the smart cities of the future

Enel X’s JuicePump for a Clean Race

The competition featured 22 electric single-seater challengers racing along a 2.4 km circuit inside the great, green lung of the city.  For the first time in the history of the zero emission championship, the drivers were able to finish the race with a single charge of energy.  This is thanks to the technology of Enel X, the Official Smart Charging Partner of the series, which brought a special edition of its JuicePump – the “JuicePump Formula E edition” — to the race.
The mobile, light and agile charging infrastructure can be easily transported from one circuit to another; furthermore, these superchargers are able to complete charging of the second generation e-vehicles seven times faster than the models currently available on the Chilean market. With a 80 kW capacity and weighing less than 200 kg, JuicePump Formula E edition was the perfect ingredient for a thrilling and adrenaline-charged competition that kept its spectators on the edge of their seats for the entire race.

Innovation at the Service of Speed

The innovative, quick charging technology, which was developed by Enel X to meet the special needs of the batteries used in Formula E, provides an efficient reduction in charging times, managing to offer a full charge in about an hour. This is revolutionary when we consider that the previous technology took five hours to reach the same battery charge. The version of the JuicePump for urban e-vehicles can charge a battery 80% in just 25 minutes. 
The avant-garde charging infrastructure was not the only technological gem in this e-Prix.  A new model racer, the Gen2, debuted in Chile with a doubled capacity battery and a consequent increase in power. And two more new elements, Attack Mode and FanBoost, made the event even more exciting, as they held the spectators of this e-Prix spellbound in the race to the finish.

Enel X’s JuiceLamp Shines in Santiago

And, talking of success, what occasion could be more appropriate for presenting the smart news from Enel X? The electric revolution in Santiago, Chile is also taking place in the field of public lighting.

The intelligent JuiceLamp streetlight, another member of the Juice family, supplies a charging system for e-vehicles and can be remotely controlled to gather real time information on air quality, traffic conditions and the percentage of natural light so that lamps can be regulated more efficiently and according to the real need.

E-Buses for Zero Emissions

 Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transportation

Zero-emissions mobility for sustainable cities

This Formula E was undoubtedly a memorable event for Chile, a country which has brought e-mobility to its public transportation system.  The 100 electric buses inaugurated in Parque O’Higgins in December 2018 are now integrated into Santiago’s urban transport system, with a dedicated, modern electric corridor running along Avenida Grecia.  Chile is providing a paradigm of sustainability: it is the first country in Latin America (and the second in the world) for the number of zero emission electric buses. Zero, the same number as the particles of CO2 released by the single-seater competitors during this challenge, in the electric racing series, which was won by driver Sam Bird. Until the next race, then. With a full, 100%, charge of energy.