Enel X makes it to the Navigant research podium

Enel X makes it to the Navigant research podium

The leading market research company has drawn up a Leaderboard of the world’s top 15 EV charging network companies. Enel X’s purple-tinged innovation is ranked

Published on DECEMBER 31, 2018

e-Mobility is Now

Electric mobility is very much part of the present, part of an ecosystem in which digitalization and sustainability are progressing at the same pace.  Sales of plug-in electric vehicles are growing exponentially and the stage seems to be set for a massive expansion in charging infrastructure over the next few years. According to the leading market research and consulting company in the area, Navigant, there will be more than six million non-residential charging points by 2027 with a further 33 million installed for domestic use. Over the coming decade, the electric market will grow by 680%, a percentage that alone proves what a paradigm-shifting moment in time this is for mobility. Growing competition has not only encouraged the big car brands to produce new models but also forced the main energy market stakeholders on a global level to carve out a proactive role for themselves as operators in this transition. 
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

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Enel X Innovation on the Podium

EV Charging Services

EV Charging Services

Integrated digital solutions for a smart and seamless e-Mobility experience

That is why many companies have developed sophisticated hardware focused on infrastructure functionality, energy distribution and public, commercial, company, condominium and fleet-dedicated charging point management. The two areas of competition are split into public charging network development and EV “refueling” (charging) services.  Enel X’s innovation took the third place on the podium on the charging services world Leaderboard drawn up by Navigant Research.

About the Leaderboard

The Leaderboard, which evaluates the top 15 operators on the market working both areas, is the result of a research survey in which over 100 North American and European companies took part. In order to be included in the report, the companies had to manage a public network with a minimum of 1,000 charging points. 
The 15 profiles were selected after in-depth market evaluation carried out by Navigant Research’s analysts using specific criteria to compare companies: Vision; Go-to-market Strategy; Partners; Product Strategy; Technology; Geographic Strategy; Sales, Marketing and Distribution; Product Performance; Product Portfolio and Network Integration. Enel X achieved very high points in the area of strategy and execution, while also excelling in Vision, Partners, Technology and Sales.

Enel X’s JuiceNet Drives the e-Mobility Transition

The top two positions on the Leaderboard were taken by EVBox, which has Europe’s largest charging point network, and ChargePoint, which has a robust and extremely extensive network throughout the US. The two companies were followed very closely by a formidable list of competitors who are working non-stop to perfect their innovative technological solutions with ambitions to dominate the sector. Enel X’s third place ranking on the Leaderboard means the company is clearly competitive and this will undoubtedly spur it to continue to outperform itself. In our JuiceNet EV charging platform, we are able to offer our customers one of the most advanced VGI (Vehicle Grid Integration) technology choices in the world. JuiceNet allows customers to manage their vehicle charging completely independently. They can choose to charge at times when more renewable energy is available and receive a monetary reward for signing up to the programme in exchange.

This platform’s digital revolution continues to flourish and grow through research projects with EDF Innovation Lab, Danimarca Living Lab and Nuuve, confirming Enel X’s role as a leading innovator in developing charging services. We now have over 30,000 charging points across Europe and the United States, we have partnered with Ionity on developing the EVA+ project which will produce an Italian-Austrian charging network, and we are also working with truck manufacturer Chanje on electrifying light and heavy vehicles in the US and electrifying buses in Chile. 


At Enel X we have taken the future of sustainable mobility very seriously indeed, investing every hour of our work into turning it into the present. This is why we will continue to climb the Leaderboard of this electric revolution.