European Investment Bank, Enel X Together for e-Mobility

Enel X and Smart Get Ready to Change e-Mobility

The two companies team up to deliver new services and technologies to e-car drivers

Published on JUNE 13, 2018

A New App for e-Car Drivers

A drive in a Smart car from Termini train station to Enel X headquarters in Rome was part of the press launch of the latest developments on the e-mobility scene, the result of a highly productive collaboration with Daimler. Thanks to the new “ready to charge” app, which integrates the previous “ready to park” app, smartphone users can locate the nearest of the 96 garages that are part of the service, where they can park and charge their Smart car. By the end of 2018 Enel X will provide each garage with between two and eight 22 kW charging stations.

700 Charging Stations by 2020

In line with Rome municipal regulations on electric mobility, Enel X will make 700 charging stations available for e-car drivers in the Eternal City by 2020. Thanks to its compact, easy to park form, the Smart has been a symbol of mobility in the city for over 20 years. The synergy with Enel X marks the extraordinary completion of the German brand’s e-mobility vision.

The Future Is Electric

According to forecasts by Smart Italia, by 2030 world markets will be dominated by electric energy and city traffic will consist of e-cars, a phenomenon that is also promoted by advanced technological infrastructure and integrated services like the “ready to park” and “ready to charge” apps. These can be downloaded from app stores, and will enable users with Bluetooth-activated smartphones to reserve a parking space (with an hour’s arrival time included at no additional cost), check charge levels, pay by credit card or PayPal, and open the exit barrier. After choosing Italy as the first country to receive investment for public charging stations, Enel X aims to build an ecosystem where energy is regarded as a value.
The partnership between Enel X and Smart means that the future of our cities includes not only the “ready to charge” app but also a new “ready to change” vision.