European Investment Bank, Enel X Together for e-Mobility

eMotorWerks Launches JuiceNet Enterprise Cloud Platform

The innovative platform aims to revolutionize charging methods for corporate and commercial EV fleets

Published on MAY 14, 2018

The Smart Way to Charge EV Fleets

The JuiceNet Enterprise Cloud Platform is the new corporate solution from Enel X that allows clients to charge an entire fleet of EVs remotely from a single dashboard. The platform’s predictive modeling allows for dynamic regulation of charging, so that EV owners can install multiple charging stations in their parking lots without expensive added costs, and can balance energy demands in concert with real-time electric grid output. 

What JuiceNet Enterprise Can Do

JuiceNet is able to ensure peak performance in consumption by scheduling charging sessions at times when the production of solar or wind power is at its highest. With this smart solution, clients can reduce excess energy consumption by balancing sessions across different chargers during the day, while also ensuring that batteries are charged to the desired level.
The intelligent platform is complemented by Enel's app, JuiceNet, which clients can use to locate available charging stations within their private network.

The Benefits of JuiceNet Enterprise

JuiceNet Enterprise also produces reports to monitor activity and participate in Demand Response programs by aggregating designated battery charging packs, keeping the grid stable during demand peaks. Chanje Energy, a Californian manufacturer of EVs and electric infrastructure, has already distributed 65 of eMotorWerks’ JuiceBox Pro 40 charging stations in California, Illinois and the state of New York. Thanks to the reporting functions offered by the JuiceNet Enterprise platform, companies such as Chanje can easily meet the prerequisites to comply with the California Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).