E-mobility, the car of the future

Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility for Enel X, tells Reuters about the Group's projects

Published on FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Working with Nissan and Audi

Enel is focusing more and more intensely on e-mobility. Our Group is already committed to the creation of an extensive charging network across Italy, involving the installation of 14,000 charging points by 2022. We have also signed agreements with car manufacturers Nissan and Audi to equip the new e-cars with charging technology. One example of this is the Vehicle-to Grid system developed for the Nissan Leaf, the Japanese company’s new all-electric saloon.
In this context, it should be emphasised that the agreement signed by Enel and Nissan includes the provision of two years’ free electricity and the installation of a home charging system for Leaf purchasers. 

A growing network

Nowadays there are around 9,000 e-cars on Italy’s roads, but it estimated that by 2020 this figure will have grown to over 115,000. These figures form the basis for Our Group’s plans, as explained by Alberto Piglia, head of the Enel XC e-Mobility division, in the Reuters interview. Around 80% of the Enel Group network is in urban areas, a detail that has stimulated a dialogue between the company and locations in the distribution chain like supermarkets and filling stations, with the aim of identifying strategic sites for the installation of charging points. Enel and the Ambrosetti consultancy firm estimate that by 2040 e-cars could represent over 50% of world car sales. Energy suppliers throughout Europe are placing increasing emphasis on the charging point business, while manufacturers are focusing production on totally electric or hybrid vehicles. 
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

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An exciting future

The opportunities provided by the e-car market were discussed at the “The future of Mobility Summit,” the first e-mobility meeting, held at Palo Alto, in California. The main players in the automotive sector met in the heart of Silicon Valley, joining with panels of experts and executives in a constructive debate about the future of mobility – one that is undoubtedly electric. The event, organised by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), the research arm of the prestigious media company, also featured a contribution from Valery Miftakhov, CEO of eMotorWerks, an Enel group company, 
in the context of a panel entitled “Energy market plenary: Who will provide the automotive fuel of the future?” The panel discussed the role to be played by energy “game changers” like electricity, oil and gas and technology companies in the e-mobility sector, with a special focus on e-vehicle charging stations. The future of mobility will be written with an “e”. Welcome to the age of the e-car.