e-Mobility beyond the confines of the city with EVA+

e-Mobility beyond the confines of the city with EVA+

Thanks to Enel, travelling between Rome and Milan by electric car is no longer a futuristic dream

Published on OCTOBER 11, 2017

Electric Vehicle Arteries

On 1 October a new electric route opened between Rome and Milan. Enel has installed and activated the first 20 Fast Recharge points as part of the EVA+ - Electric Vehicles Arteries project, plus a further 1o points located in crucial transit areas in order to boost the fast recharge network for electric vehicles on long distance routes. With this initial group of 30 charging stations, which in just 20 minutes allow drivers to “fill up” their e-car, Enel has electrified the stretch between Rome and Milan, with a Fast Recharge network that enables users to take advantage of the facilities every 60km.
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

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Strategic locations

The 30 recharging points are situated in strategic areas, such as motorway slip roads, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, ACI offices and service stations. In each of these locations, Fast Charge stations are equipped with sockets compatible with all of the models of electric cars on the market. In order to provide the maximum visibility to this important step in the evolution of e-Mobility in our country, we have developed a press campaign with an institutional tone created by Saatchi & Saatchi. The campaign uses “light trail” technology that creates luminous streaks from the lights of the cars driving along the motorway through hills beneath a sky at sunset in a stream of energy and electricity heading towards the horizon. 
The dynamic image evokes movement and progress, just like the network for electric mobility that our company is developing. A small step towards the creation of an extensive network of recharging points, a giant leap towards unlimited cleaner and more sustainable mobility.Electric mobility, he added, represents a game changer, a genuine turning point because it responds in an effective way to problems such as population growth, urbanization and atmospheric pollution.

A European project

EVA+ is the electric mobility project, coordinated by Enel that includes the installation, over three years along inter-city routes, of 200 charging stations: 180 in Italy and 20 in Austria. The programme, co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Connecting Europe Facility, involves Enel in the role of coordinator and Verbund, (the main Austrian utility) together with some of the leading global manufacturers of electric vehicles including Renault, Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen Group Italia, which represents the brands Volkswagen and Audi.


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