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Talking bidirectional charging and interconnected mobility at smartEn

In Brussels Enel X presents its outlook for the present and future of advanced e-mobility with its sights trained on V2X

As world and energy industry leaders meet in Dubai at COP 28 to seek further greenhouse gas emission reduction measures, the energy transition and renewable energy will take center stage. Indeed, the energy transition will permit mass electrification of uses, one of the most important such uses being mobility. However, mass adoption of electrified transport requires leaps be made in battery charging and recharging technology. In Brussels, on December 13, leading players in Europe’s electrification industry will meet for the last conference of the year hosted by “smartEn – Smart Energy Europe”, the European business association integrating consumer-driven solutions of the clean energy transition. The event, of which Enel X is a platinum sponsor, represents “a unique opportunity to engage with industry experts and address how bidirectional charging can transform EVs into flexible and system-integrated energy assets for the benefit of European consumers, businesses and automotive manufacturers,” its website explains.

Charging and interconnecting: the technologies that will take electric mobility to a higher level

At the event – “Bidirectional charging of Electric Vehicles: enablers and barriers in Europe” – Enel X Head of Strategic Marketing Chiara Dalla Chiesa will be discussing recent research carried out by smartEn and DNV, with the collaboration of Enel, on the status of bidirectional battery charging technologies for electric vehicles in 11 European countries. “This comprehensive assessment sheds light on the factors that drive or impede bidirectional charging deployment at the national level,” the association explains on the event’s website. During a roundtable session titled “Businesses driving bidirectional EV charging: the road towards empowered and system-integrated consumers”, Chiara Dalla Chiesa will share an outlook on the developments of bidirectional charging or so-called “Vehicle-to-Everything” (V2X) technologies that enable cars, trucks and other means of transport to provide services to help the electricity grid.
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smartEn 2022

Enel X Head of Flexibility Solutions Daniele Andreoli discussed how to tap into the potential of flexible demand

During her speech, Chiara Dalla Chiesa will also illustrate various issues affecting V2X adoption, including the need for the auto industry to release official and “non-discriminatory” protocols that establish interoperability standards. She will also highlight Enel X’s efforts so far in terms of public charging network and smart charging technology.


Indeed, Enel X was among the first to launch a V2X Direct Current charging station used in one of the first European projects, the Parker Project in Denmark in 2016. 


From smart charging to smart driving: optimizing and deploying all-encompassing, intelligent transport

Finally, Chiara Dalla Chiesa will also discuss Enel X’s efforts in preparing for a “mass market” rollout of V2X. Currently the company is very active in terms of so-called Unidirectional Smart Charging (V1G), the “smart” component referring to a V1G system’s ability to modify charging rates and time dynamically, enabling charging when costs are lowest.

Chiara Dalla Chiesa will outline how Enel X is working to expand its bundled services offering, coupling offering of electricity with products and services targeted to electric mobility clients in order to provide them with a full value proposition and help them reduce charging costs. 

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