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 intelligence storage solutions

The new energy intelligence storage solutions

The solutions provided by Enel X for intelligent storage management can transform the requirement for greater energy flexibility into an opportunity for growth

New Technologies for New Energy

The revolution known as Industry 4.0 is providing large industries and businesses with advanced technology that, combined with new energy storage systems, are radically changing the way in which energy is produced, stored and consumed.  On the one hand, the combination of technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and data analytics supports the uptake of renewable sources, such as wind and solar, by nature both intermittent and non-programmable, and which analysts predict are destined to provide almost 50% of installed global capacity by 2050. On the other hand, it allows companies to adopt tailor-made solutions to reduce the burden of energy costs and create new profit opportunities, bolstering their sustainability, market position and resilience to potential energy supply problems.

Cutting-Edge, Tailored Solutions

Enel X, through its e-Industries global product line, has developed a series of cutting-edge solutions that meet the need for energy flexibility, increasingly required by large industries and businesses, using an Energy as a Service (EaaS) approach to take full advantage of the aforementioned technologies. Personalized services supplied to businesses, from consultancy to energy efficiencydistributed generation Demand Response and off-grid solutions, are tailored by listening to the needs of the client, with the aim of creating new value.
Business solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals

The Benefits of BESS

Smart City

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business

Highlights of these services include lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) for the storage of new generation energy.  With their progressively decreasing cost, these batteries support the market penetration of intelligent Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) platforms: systems that store energy and make it available in times of the greatest need, balancing disparities between supply and demand on the electricity grids. Combined with renewable energy production plants managed by Enel X’s DER.OSTM optimization software, BESS systems allow businesses to achieve an optimal combination of savings, efficiency, flexibility, resilience and sustainability.