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Ultrabroadband connectivity for homes, businesses and cities

Ultrabroadband Connectivity

Enabling high-speed, high-capacity connectivity for smart homes, cities and businesses

Fiber-optics for a Digitalized, Sustainable World

We unlock the power of ultra-high-speed communications by implementing fiber-optic networks for homes, cities and businesses — making them more efficient, smarter and more comfortable. Fiber-optic networks are the cornerstone of agile, digitalized and sustainable societies: one optical fiber can carry 90,000 television channels and three million voice calls. Data can fly through fiber-optic networks, which can also carry light over very long distances without distorting the signal.

What Is a Fiber Optic Network?

Fiber optic networks are made up of optical cables that transmit information in the form of infrared light pulses


Is Fiber Optic Internet Better than Cable Internet?

Fiber optic networks can carry a lot more data a lot faster than traditional copper cable networks do