Honda chooses JuiceNet by Enel X

e-car charging: Honda chooses JuiceNet by Enel X

JuiceNet to power SmartCharge, a new Honda test program for EVs in California

Published on AUGUST 08, 2018

A Smart Way to Charge Electric Cars

Charging e-vehicles at times when the highest levels of renewable energy are available on the grid: this is the challenge addressed by the Honda SmartChargeTM test program. And in order to overcome this challenge, the American Honda Motor Company has chosen Enel X technology. Enel X’s JuiceNet platform is powering the SmartCharge program thanks to an agreement between American Honda Motor Company and Enel X subsidiary eMotorWerks. JuiceNet is an intelligent, cloud-connected platform that can identify the ideal moment for charging the Honda Fit EV. This is made possible by constantly monitoring the electricity grid, identifying peaks in demand and the availability of renewable energy.

Charging When Energy Is Most Sustainable

JuiceNet users can charge their e-vehicles in total autonomy, as the program enables them to do so during periods when the highest levels of renewable energy are available. To add a touch of excitement to the whole process, participating EV drivers can win a cash prize for choosing to take part in the project, receiving a reward after five charging sessions. The collaboration between Enel X and Honda brings together the intelligence of JuiceNet and the integrated software system on board Honda Fit vehicles.
EV Charging Services

EV Charging Services

Integrated digital solutions for a smart and seamless e-Mobility experience

Making Optimal Charging Easy

What does all this mean for EV owners? It makes it easy for them to identify the best time to charge their e-vehicle. Honda SmartCharge not only takes account of grid conditions and the amount of renewable sources available, it also assesses the client’s daily consumption habits, which are recorded on a personal profile. Honda Fit EV drivers will be able to use a free app called HondaLink EV, enabling them to create a profile of their charging preferences. 
It will provide information about grid conditions and the best time to charge the vehicle. It should be pointed out that these advanced features do not require any additional hardware, as charging is managed through technology already installed on the Honda Fit.

The Greenest, Cheapest Charge

Illustration of a computer with JuicePole and graphics
The program will be launched during test phases in Southern California, backed by local energy manager Southern California Edison. Advanced software and standard GPS units mean that Honda Fit EV drivers can use any charging station in the state, taking advantage of JuiceNet’s innovative technology to identify the best charging times in terms of cost and green energy availability. The next stages involve analysis of the data gathered, with a view to extending the service to other states and making it available for other e-car models.

The Future Is Electric

This joint project by Enel X and Honda is a forward-looking initiative. Honda predicts that by 2030, e-vehicles will make up two-thirds of its sales, and Enel X now has 7,300 charging stations in California. This accounts for about 75 MW of peak e-vehicle supply. 
The increasing pace of the drive towards e-mobility is also confirmed by a recent survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA), which shows that around 20 million Americans will choose an e-vehicle for their next purchase.