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Enel X: energy as a service that works

Enel X: energy as a service that works

The Italian financial paper Sole 24 Ore and Bloomberg report on Enel X’s latest challenge

Published on JANUARY 26, 2018

Capital Markets Day

Il Sole 24 Ore and Bloomberg report Enel X’s latest challenge and underscore the importance of its electric mobility, home, business and public administration-focused projects Our new Enel X brand, which was presented on November 21 at the Capital Markets Day in London, is intended to build an ecosystem we refer to as the New Power Economy. It is based on the exchange of sustainable services and fuelled by leading-edge technologies, innovation and partnerships. A “digital asset spin-off” was the headline of the Il Sole 24 Ore article on the latest challenge embraced by the company which, in a market focused on voice-controlled home services, is choosing to “go in through the garage” via Enel X’s innovative e-Mobility solutions.

The four cornerstones

Electric mobility is, in fact, one of our four cornerstone areas, together with e-Industries, a unit that provides large clients with high-tech solutions focused on boosting energy efficiency, distributed generation and demand response, e-Home, which offers private customers high-performance residential solutions, and e-City, an area that has been developed to offer integrated services to public administrations. “The future of energy isn’t energy. Or at least not for Italy’s Enel”. 
In an article featured in the Tech section of the Bloomberg site, the Enel X adventure is described in terms of a tech revolution for the Group. “The newly refurbished office, whose informal dress code, open-air spaces and shared kick scooters give it an air of a tech startup.” “We are the Google of energy,” Enel X Chairman and CEO Francesco Venturini declared in the interview, explaining how the new technologies have led to disruption in the energy industry.

A new partnership

The Bloomberg article also references the new partnership between Enel and PwC Advisory, which has the aim of incentivising corporate electric mobility and promoting sustainable development in the transportation sector. The business news site highlights how e-mobility is the key for the entire sector, particularly in the wake of recent tests which have demonstrated that batteries can be used both to power vehicles and send stored energy back to the grid, a service for which electric car owners would receive payment.