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The way to decarbonization

An Integrated Strategy for Decarbonization

When it comes to the energy transition, Enel X solutions cover all sectors, from homes to businesses and transport

A Renewable Future

Take a step into the electrifying future of intelligent digital technologies, e-mobility services and renewables. By 2025, efficient energy technologies will comprise 55% of the market share. By 2040, 60% of the world’s energy consumption will be electrified. In 2050, with more than two thirds of the world’s population in cities, and 78% of global energy production will be decarbonized, thanks to renewables. Enel X understands the needs of its customers and stakeholders - people, cities and companies as they move forward on the path to decarbonization, energy efficiency and a circular economy, and is primed to expertly guide individuals and organizations in their sustainability transition via decarbonization, electrification and digitalization.
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Enel X: your strategic energy management partner

Decarbonization begins with a dedicated commitment to employing sustainable practices to achieve carbon-neutral electricity. As a strategic energy management partner, Enel X empowers its customers and companies to seek successful sustainable energy transition solutions for long-lasting value. Understanding the hows, whens and whys of consumption is the first step.  Enel X has created an e-Mobility Emission Saving algorithm that quantifies sustainability efforts with real-time data tracking the number of charging sessions taking place at any given moment and the total amount of charging energy. 
By encouraging companies to challenge themselves to identify smart energy opportunities and embrace hard-hitting customized renewable energy strategies, Enel X aids individuals, businesses and communities. It does so by enhancing their capabilities to electrify energy use with added incentives for electric vehicles or by transitioning away from fossil fuels and utilizing low-cost renewable energy resources in the electrification of heat and efficient street lighting. The rewards follow with new revenue sources, asset preservation and increased savings.

Smart Services and Efficient Solutions

Enel X’s renewal and distributed energy solutions are a portfolio of services advising organizations on how the smart grid enables distributed energy management, requiring them to reevaluate their relationship to national electricity grids and overall consumption of energy.


Thanks to digitalization, the Enel X customer insight division offers a number of technologically advanced solutions which can be utilized worldwide. Enel X’s utility bill management helps to merge energy costs while lowering them overall. Enel X energy exchange provides in-depth information on risk management, budgeting and forecasting.  The energy management tool provides real-time data for more informed decisions on total energy consumption.

Enel X’s comfort management introduces companies to simplified energy-focused approaches, such as the remote management of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and energy consumption monitoring software. The Electro Mobility Management Platform (EMM) consolidates energy data from public and private charging infrastructures located (throughout Italy) to demonstrate how to better manage energy usage, while the e-Mobility Emission Saving tool helps to not only convert kWh used by electric vehicles into the equivalent of CO2 emissions, but provides incredible added value by comparing CO2 savings to the equivalent number of trees required to absorb the same amount of CO2.

The Dedicated Path towards decarbonization



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Enel X is paving the way towards decarbonization and electrification with smart services, innovative expertise and cutting-edge technology.  With real-time data analytics and a portfolio of smart grid solutions, Enel X continues in its role as a dedicated strategic partner in sustainable mobility, and is leading the energy transition from fossil fuels to electricity by creating efficient programs and smart solutions for people, communities and organizations.