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Energy optimisation through Enel X’s consultancy services

Enel X offers 360-degree support to its clients with the Energy Exchange platform, which monitors the regulatory context, predicts potential risks

Enel X Consulting for Sustainability

Driven by an increasing emphasis on renewable energy and digitalization, businesses have joined the ranks of active participants in the energy transition. By taking advantage of innovative technologies to streamline consumption, Enel X can help companies achieve key environmental sustainability objectives. The portfolio of digital products offered by Enel X provides a 360-degree consultancy service designed to fulfill the requirements of every single client. By analyzing market variables and using a centralizing software that can monitor the impact of the proposed solutions, Enel X is able to identify new opportunities for clients.  

How It Works

Initially, Enel X meticulously inspects the invoices received by the client to check if they contain undue or unnecessary costs. Our consultants then perform a site inspection to collect the energy data needed to identify which equipment contributes most to creating peaks in energy demand at the factory or facility in question. With this data in hand, Enel X can outline the client’s energy profile: how, when and where energy is consumed and potential areas in which consumption can be reduced. 
Enel X Connect and Energy Consulting Services

Net Zero Advisory Services

Track your emissions, designing a decarbonization strategy and achieve your Net Zero targets

The Enel X Energy Exchange Platform

Once Enel X has finalized these evaluations and accessed all billing cycles, they can develop a strategic plan. The bespoke strategy will not only prevent excessive (or unwarranted) expenses, it will also facilitate the organization of machinery use times in line with more efficient criteria. This in turn will lead to lower energy consumption and real financial savings on the energy bills. To this effect Enel X uses the innovative Energy Exchange digital platform, which helps clients choose the best energy supplier at the most advantageous market rates

Predicting Risk, Managing Budgets

Once the appropriate supplier has been identified, Enel X continues to support its clients through risk prediction and budget management.  Tailored analysis and constant monitoring of the energy market enable Enel X to identify the client’s “position” in the complex panorama of tariffs and regulations. 
Energy Exchange keeps clients constantly updated on regulations in force and predicts regulatory risks thanks to the platform’s ability to anticipate market trends. 

The Importance of Consumption Awareness

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals

Additionally, Enel X, as Energy Partner with its consultancy and optimization service, makes clients more aware of their consumption. This is achieved not only by choosing renewables as the source of their energy supply, but also by constantly monitoring the company’s emissions to record its progress towards sustainability. With Enel X’s Energy Consulting services, clients can now play a leading role in their energy strategy.