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Boston Properties Picks Smart Energy Services by Enel X

Enel X Launches First Energy Storage Project in Canada

The capacity to store renewable energy means cutting costs and more sustainable power grids

Storage for Savings

Enel X continues to expand its activities in the energy storage sector -- this time in Canada, where Enel is currently the largest Demand Response aggregator on the market. Through its US subsidiary EnerNOC, the Enel Group signed an 11-year contract with Algoma Orchards apple growers and distributors to install and manage a 1 MWh lithium-ion battery storage system. The client will benefit from significant financial savings over the duration of the contract thanks to our DEN.OS optimization software, which provides intelligent control of the energy storage system and optimizes its use during periods of peak energy demand. 

Storage for Sustainability

Under the terms of the contract, our Group will handle the purchase, installation and management of the battery system. In addition, Enel will provide the Canadian company with a forecasting service to predict peak loads and thus limit network charges, to be shown on the bill as Global Adjustment. Enel will also enroll Algoma Orchards in the Demand Response program implemented by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), drawing on the energy stored in the battery system if the grid so requires.