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e-Health Solutions

We use our expertise as a digital enabler to deliver innovative e-Health solutions that make the experience of caring for your health simpler and smarter.

Technological evolution for telemedicine services

Digital technology today offers new ways to supply and access health services. These completely personalized telemedicine services encompass both wellness and healthcare, and are available without leaving home through connected devices, offering significant advantages to both users and providers. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a powerful accelerator for the spread of e-Health technologies and user-friendly interfaces are now making e-Health services a vital part of our lives, creating benefits for patients, medical professionals, hospitals, and anyone who wants to care for their own wellness and that of loved ones.

Telemedicine solutions

Smart Axistance e-Well

This digital medicine package helps clients adopt a healthy lifestyle by allowing them to monitor their main risk factors with digital, realtime support. It involves an initial in-person screening with doctors who create a wellness profile and supply a smartband the client will use to monitor his or her health parameters. After that, a personalized wellness plan is created, complete with remote consultations, a tailor-made diet with a nutritionist, and individual fitness and exercise programs.

Smart Axistance e-Well Full Digital

A fully digital wellness pathway structured in two phases. In the first phase, the employee creates his or her own wellness path through a questionnaire based on a scientific medical protocol and provides a medical history through guided online tutorials and exams. Once the wellness plan is in place, the employee can follow it thanks to the Smart Axistance e-Well App. The plan includes one televisit with an internist, a personalized wellness plan, one televisit with a nutritionist, a personalized nutrition plan, and two follow-up televisits.

Smart Axistance Chronicity RPM

Smart Axistance Chronicity RPM is an application that helps patients and their doctors manage chronic conditions remotely. It allows medical facilities  to develop new disease-specific applications, personalizing the configuration for evaluating parameters related to chronicit.

Smart Axistance Diabetes Control

This application offers personalized services for prevention and care for patients with diabetes. Through a specialized App, which represents a daily diary, diabetic users can record  their glycemic parameters (glucose and weight), monitor trends and receive round-the-clock assistance from medical staff and online telephone and video consultations, tools for monitoring their health parameters and an online medical file.

Smart Axistance C-19

This application enables doctors to digitally and flexibly manage Covid 19 patients, decongesting hospitals and monitoring the patients' parameters remotely. 
Telemedicine solutions