circular economy factbook

The Circular Economy Factbook

The Circular Economy Factbook is an in-depth guide to everything that Enel X can do to help businesses and other organizations go circular.

Our Essential Reading

If you’re interested in applying the principles of the Circular Economy to your business or organization, then our 65-page Circular Economy Factbook is an essential reading. In addition to explaining these principles in greater detail, it also offers practical information on how to take advantage of the many initiatives we have to offer. The Circularity Score and the Boosting Program are just two examples.


The Factbook explains that Enel X’s role as a Circular Economy ambassador, certifier and partner doesn’t only involve businesses. Schools and local government organizations have also benefited from our advice, and we run educational and awareness initiatives. Examples include our “Circularity Days” program and our Circular Economy Academy.

The Circular Economy Factbook

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Our Solutions

Enel X and the Circular Economy: a roadmap to circularity.

Circularity Score​

Circularity Score​

Our methodology to assess the circularity of your products and services

Boosting Program

Boosting Program

Improving circularity in solutions, businesses and organizations

circular product

Enel X Circular Solutions

We measure the level of circularity of our products to help customers make the most sustainable choice.