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How does sustainability save money and reduce costs?

Sustainability is not an expensive “nice to have”, but it can be another way your business can spend less

Eaton Factories in Romania

Enel X confirmed as partner of choice by Eaton Factories in Romania

A testament to the decision of partnering together to complete the decarbonization process

Science based targets help companies reach Net-Zero

Science based targets help companies reach Net-Zero

Businesses must cut emissions to fight climate change, and science based targets are a way to achieve this goal

factory powered by solar panels

Electrification's role in the energy transition

Switching from fossil fuels to decarbonized electricity to power our cities and economies can help humanity achieve zero emissions

beehives on Enel X headquarters roof

Biodiversity and sustainable development go together

Without sustainable development, the biodiversity on which our lives and our economic activities depend will be lost

How energy efficient are data centers?

Data centers make possible the vital flow of information on which our digital world depends. They also consume a lot of electrical energy