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Physical PPA

Physical PPA: the power of renewables

When companies sign a Physical PPA, renewable energy is sent directly to their offices and facilities through the grid.

Sun, wind, water and geothermal energy directly to businesses

A Physical PPA is a flexible, customizable, multi-year renewable energy contract that involves the physical delivery of renewable energy from a specific Enel Green Power generation facility to the end user. Customers who sign up to PPAs also receive Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs), which certify that the power they have purchased is supplied from renewable sources. Physical PPAs can be structured in two ways: a trilateral agreement between the customer, the renewables producer and the retail company, called a sleeved PPA, or an integrated supply agreement with the supplier, called a full supply PPA. In the first case, the energy produced by Enel X is delivered from the grid to the customer through an approved supplier or retail company, while in the second case, the PPA is integrated directly into the client’s power supply contract. By enabling enterprises to supply themselves from renewable energy sources, such agreements offer various benefits to companies, including improving energy efficiency and reducing Scope 2 emissions, which support decarbonization and reaching Net Zero goals.