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Additional Services

Additional Services

Our complete offer to strengthen decarbonization strategies for organizations, stakeholders and the environment.

Towards a new era of energy with Enel X

Not only can companies grow with renewable energy, they can also take advantage of incredible leadership opportunities. Businesses, too, can be part of the transition to a low-emissions economy.

One offer, many solutions

Energy sourced renewably: certified

Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) guarantee the energy’s origin from renewable sources. Each type of EACs certifies that 1MWh of energy has been generated, and fed into the grid, from a renewable source such as a solar or wind power plant.. Furthemore, EACs offer energy buyers and consumers a way to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to fighting climate change and reaching the Zero Emissions objective.

PPA Partner Portal

A portal dedicated entirely to our customers - our partners - where they can access exclusive benefits including:

  • a customized dashboard that enables real-time monitoring of sustainability activities including active contracts, plant conditions and amount of CO₂ emissions avoided;
  • analysis of company data that enables benchmarking the amount of green energy used in relation to business sustainability objectives; 
  • a PPA summary page that allows sharing sustainability and decarbonization contributions with clients and other stakeholders, like corporate marketing and communications specialists;
  • back office management solutions for pricing and invoice monitoring; 
  • creating reports about plant statistics.


Timing is of the essence

Enel X has been developing a scalable solution to enable renewable electricity generation granular tracking and matching of a customer’s consumption.
Additional Services