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Enel X puts
the "Smart" in your
solar plant

Business benefits
of a PV System

Having a photovoltaic system installed at your premises allows you to autonomously produce energy from 100% renewable resources and to satisfy different business needs:

Minimize your energy expenses
through autonomous production

Increase your business's sustainability
and circularity rating

your business

Optimize energy

Enel X, your strategic energy partner, increases the potential of your plant by offering you a full-service solution that pairs our Photovoltaic Systems with our advanced Artificial Intelligence-based software to simplify your Energy Management strategy!


By analyzing data from the measurement systems,
the software is able to:

Make you aware
of the amounts of energy produced

Detect, analyze, benchmark and
display this data, providing real-time
energy consumption monitoring

Suggest solutions for real-time energy optimization and savings

Create energy reports on cost and
energy consumption, as well as on
sustainability improvements.

We provide comprehensive Energy-as-a-Service-based solutions.
Our global expertise and track record enable us to meet your organization's specific needs, leaving you free to focus on your business's core activities.