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Business Solutions

Business Solutions for Suppliers

Enabling sustainable progress, together

Your Sustainable Future Awaits

Seize the opportunity and get to know how your trusted energy partner can take your business to the next level. Only available to Enel's qualified suppliers, these offers will get you started: Enel X will do the rest

Free Energy Performance Analysis

Are you making the most of your energy? How much could you be saving? Let Enel X answer those questions for you

Free Photovoltaic Feasibility Study

Free Photovoltaic Feasibility Study

Decarbonization, cost saving and resiliency are at hand. Enel X offers a shortcut to make sure you get there.

Privileged Access to Energy Communities

Privileged Access to Energy Communities

In unity there is strength. Join forces with Enel X to pioneer Energy Communities and reap the benefits.

Free sustainability advice

Free Sustainability Consulting

Meet for free with our team of experts to become a certified and sustainable partner of the Enel Group.