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Enel X and Magaldi Group join forces to decarbonize industrial processes

  • Under the agreement, the ground-breaking MGTES (Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage) system will be implemented for the continuous production of green steam, with a storage capacity of around 13 MWh per day
  • Its first application will be at the plant of IGI, a food company that supplies Ferrero Group, in Buccino (province of Salerno)


Salerno/Rome, March 29th, 2023 - Enel X, the Enel Group’s company active in the areas of energy supply and efficiency, and Magaldi Group, a world leader in the field of ultra-high temperature material handling, which specializes in developing technologies that can be used to produce and store clean energy, presented this morning their collaboration on the ground-breaking MGTES (Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage) system, patented by Magaldi. Installed at the Magaldi Power plant in the ASI - Area di Sviluppo Industriale (Industrial Development Area) of the city of Salerno, Italy - MGTES is a battery powered by a photovoltaic plant that is able to store energy, which is then released in the form of high-temperature steam. The aim of the partnership is to integrate technology into industrial activities with a sustainable approach.

This initiative is part of the MoU signed by Enel X and Magaldi Power aimed at finding suitable sites and building Italy’s first plants to decarbonize thermal industrial processes. The following speakers took part in the presentation of the project: Cavaliere del Lavoro and President of Magaldi Group Mario Magaldi, Executive Vice-President of Magaldi Green Energy Letizia Magaldi, Head of Enel X Italia Augusto Raggi, Head of Innovability® at Enel X Fabio Tentori, General Manager of Magaldi Middle East and Global Development Massimiliano Masi, President of FICEI Antonio Visconti, and Piero Salatino from the University of Naples Federico II.

Innovation and sustainability are key to decarbonization,” said Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. “We have further proof of this now with the MGTES system, which breaks new ground in the field of energy storage, as it can ensure high levels of efficiency also in industrial processes that require high temperatures; this is made possible by an Italian technology that is backed by an Italian supply chain, and the impressive results achieved so far open up promising opportunities for development also outside of Italy.”

“The partnership with Enel X marks a major milestone and is in line with our company’s mission; in fact, for over 90 years, it has been constantly focused on innovation and on developing reliable and sustainable solutions for industries,” said Mario Magaldi, Cavaliere del Lavoro and President of Magaldi Group. “Specifically, MGTES technology offers a quick solution to the need to decarbonize industrial processes and to replace gas. Italy has the resources and know-how required to play a prominent role in the battery industry for energy storage, which is instrumental in producing renewable energy on a continuous basis, and in this way will help make the whole system stable and safe.”

Conceived and developed by Magaldi Group, MGTES, based on a fluidized sand bed (“sand batteries”), makes it possible to store energy from renewable sources, which is then released in the form of steam at high temperatures (between 120-400°C). This technology, which holds a global patent, will allow Enel X  to supply its industrial customers with thermal energy in the form of steam at the desired temperatures and pressures, thereby reducing gas consumption and stabilizing the price of thermal energy. The first application will involve supplying green thermal energy to meet the energy needs of the food company IGI, a supplier of Ferrero Group, with headquarters in the Industrial Development Area of Buccino. It involves building a 5 MW photovoltaic plant and a 125 ton MGTES system with a daily storage capacity of 13 MWh of thermal energy. The MGTES system, which will become operational in the second half of 2024, is expected to reduce IGI’s total consumption by 20%, as well as saving up to 1,000 tons of CO2 annually, replacing them with renewable energy available throughout the day.

Enel X Global Retail is Enel’s global business line active in the areas of energy supply and efficiency. As a global leader in the development of innovative solutions to support the energy transition, Enel X Global Retail provides consumers, businesses and cities with a modular and integrated offer built around customer needs, promoting electrification and digitalization as drivers for creating new value. Enel X Global Retail manages demand response services, with 8.2 GW in total capacity, has installed 65 MW of behind-the-meter storage and more than 2.8 million lights for public lighting around the world. It also offers energy services to about 64 million customers every day. Enel X Global Retail’s ecosystem of solutions includes assets for the optimization and self-production of energy, premium solutions for energy efficiency, and competitive and flexible energy offers, with the end goal of helping customers develop their own energy roadmaps.

Magaldi Group, founded in 1929 in Buccino, in the province of Salerno, Italy, is present today in more than 50 countries and has operational offices in the United States, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Australia. The company employs 210 people, 50% of whom are engineers, with a total turnover of 50 million euros. With a constant focus on innovation, the company, run by Cavaliere del Lavoro Mario Magaldi, has filed 55 international patents. As a pioneer in the production of technology for thermal energy storage, over the last 10 years Magaldi has developed MGTES, a technology that can be used to store a considerable amount of thermal energy from renewable sources, which is then released on demand. Magaldi Green Energy, a division of the group that operates globally, was established in 2021 to conduct research, develop, produce and market proprietary technology for storing thermal energy and for producing green thermal energy.