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Enel X to work alongside Marchesi Antinori on energy efficiency measures

  • Enel’s global business line, together with its partner Cogenio, an energy-efficiency service platform, maintains its role as a key player in the energy efficiency sector by installing photovoltaic systems in two Marchesi Antinori wine cellars


Rome, November 9th, 2022 – Photovoltaic systems, analyses to determine which activities need to be made more efficient from a sustainable development perspective, and charging stations for electric cars. Enel X will be supplying Marchesi Antinori with these solutions in order to support the latter in the process of making its production more energy efficient. Enel’s innovative global business line has signed an agreement with a leading company in the Italian vine-growing and wine-producing industry, achieving another important milestone that demonstrates its commitment to working alongside outstanding Italian companies. In collaboration with Cogenio, an energy-efficiency service platform and partner of Enel X, the company will be installing and running two photovoltaic systems in two Marchesi Antinori wine cellars for the full duration of the Energy Performance Contract. One of the systems will have a capacity of 1.3 MW and will produce about 1.7 million kWh of electricity per year, making it possible to reduce emissions into the atmosphere equivalent to more than 780 tons of CO2, whereas the other system will have a power of 500 kW and will produce about 730,000 kWh of energy per year, preventing more than 330 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

“As a result of this project with Marchesi Antinori, we are able to maintain our leadership in developing energy efficiency systems which, through integrated solutions for electrifying consumption, distributed generation, and flexibility programs to help stabilize the electricity grid, enable our partners to be sustainable and create business value,” said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia. “We wish to support outstanding Italian companies operating in the vine-growing and wine-producing industry who decide to embark on this virtuous path, guiding them from the very beginning with preliminary analyses and through all the work that needs to be done, with the goal of turning the use of the energy carrier into an opportunity for economic and environmental growth.”

“Sustainability – in the broad sense of the term – should always be a priority for Marchesi Antinori, whose activities have gone hand in hand with agricultural production for 26 generations. By working together with Enel X, we can keep growing and innovating technology in a more sustainable manner by using and sourcing energy more efficiently,” explained Renzo Cotarella, CEO of Marchesi Antinori.

This agreement requires Enel X to thoroughly analyze how energy efficient the winery’s activities are, identifying areas where action needs to be taken. Enel X Way, the Enel company dedicated to electric mobility, will take care of installing charging stations for electric vehicles, which will be made available to Marchesi Antinori’s employees at the company’s premises, along with a 75 kW fast charging station for public use. All Enel X solutions and operations are tailored to clients’ needs in order to accelerate the country’s energy transition, in compliance with the guidelines established by Marchesi Antinori as part of its growth strategy. 

Enel X Global Retail is the Enel Group’s global business line active in the areas of energy supply and efficiency. As a global leader in the development of innovative solutions to support the energy transition, Enel X Global Retail provides consumers, businesses and cities with a modular and integrated offer built around customer needs, promoting electrification and digitalization as drivers for creating new value. Enel X Global Retail manages demand response services, with 7.9 GW in total capacity, has installed more than 2.8 million lights for public lighting around the world, and offers energy services to 63 million residential customers every day as a Commodity. Enel X Global Retail’s ecosystem of solutions includes assets for the optimization and self-production of energy, premium solutions for energy efficiency, and competitive and flexible energy offers, with the end goal of helping customers develop their own energy roadmaps.  

Enel X Way is the Enel Group’s new company dedicated to electric mobility. Currently, Enel X Way operates in 16 countries and manages over 380,000 charging points, both directly and through roaming agreements in place around the world. As a global platform for e-Mobility, the company is focused on developing flexible charging technologies and solutions to improve the customer experience and to enable the electrification of transport for consumers, businesses, cities and public administrations.