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The President of the Community of Madrid inaugurated the largest EV charging station in Spain developed by Endesa and Eysa

This new car park is destined to becoming a benchmark installation for recharging electric vehicles with the largest infrastructure in Spain


Capacity It has a capacity for charging 46 electric vehicles simultaneously and consists of 20 ultra-fast (150 kW) and 26 semi-fast (up to 22kW) charging stations.

Location: It is located at a crucial point in Madrid, in Ciudad de la Imagen (Pozuelo de Alarcón) next to a Metro Ligero station and a Carrefour Shopping Centre, very close to the M40 and the A5.  (LOCATION)

Digital: Users will be able to access the installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payment can be made by mobile phone and there is an app for booking and using the charging stations.

Opening times: The installations will be open 24/7   


Madrid, 11 January, 2022 – The President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, today officially inaugurated the largest EV Charging Station in Spain, a project developed by Endesa, through Endesa X, its business line for energy services and electric mobility, and Eysa, a leading company in mobility services with more than 40 years' experience.


This new charging hub has capacity for 46 vehicles to be recharged simultaneously and consists of 20 parking spaces with ultra-fast chargers (150 kW) and 26 with semi-fast chargers (up to 22 kW), so the different needs of users can be met. t is located at a crucial point in Madrid, in the Ciudad de la Imagen next to a Metro Ligero station and a Carrefour Shopping Centre, very close to the M40 and the A5 (location maps); and it will be open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 



This new charging station is fully automated and has further 160 parking spaces available, in addition to those with charging infrastructure for electric cars. Users will be able to access and make payments from their mobile phone and there is an app for booking and using the charging stations.  


Eysa has implemented its own access control technology by number plate or app, an innovative system that will save the driver time and money, as access and payment will be digitalised, so you will not need to take out a ticket and pay for the stay manually. Instead, this will be done automatically and safely when leaving the installation.  


Institutional inauguration ceremony

The institutional inauguration ceremony for this new recharging hub in Madrid was attended by the Minister of the Environment, Paloma Martín Martín, the Minister of Local Administration and Digitalisation for Madrid, Carlos Izquierdo Torres, the CEO of Eysa, Javier Delgado, the CEO of Endesa, José Bogas and the CEO of Endesa X, Davide Ciciliato.


According to José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, "today we are bringing electric mobility closer to citizens. We are working with a great commitment and with realities so that recharging ceases to be an initial barrier and these unparalleled installations in Spain are proof of this. It is a step forward in the decarbonisation process for transport in Madrid and also in Spain".


Javier Delgado, Chief Executive Officer of Eysa, pointed out "this car park, which the product of public-private collaboration, places the Community of Madrid at the forefront in the use of technology in the fight against climate change. For Eysa, a Spanish company involved in the progress of technology towards sustainable mobility, this project serves as proof of a solid commitment to the Autonomous Community of Madrid and its citizens, making it one of the European regions that has made most progress in this area".


Davide Ciciliato, General Manager of Endesa X, declared “We have an opportunity to make a huge contribution to bringing electric mobility to society. We are delighted to have the opportunity to deploy this hub in Madrid together with a great partner like EYSA. This will be the first major charging hub in Spain geared towards a diversity of technologies and users in a key location, with state-of-the-art technology and adapted to individual needs. A benchmark hub where citizens can charge electric vehicles and which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." 


New charging hub

The new charging hub opened just 11 months after the assignment of the project, a challenge achieved despite global problems with regard to logistics and components. The hub made use of cutting-edge technologies in order to adapt it to the needs of users: There are 10 ultra-fast charging stations (150kW) which will enable 20 vehicles to make an 80% battery recharge in approximately 10 minutes for those who need to recharge in the shortest possible time; and another 13 semi-fast chargers, with two connectors each with a power of 22kW that will enable 80% battery recovery in 90 minutes, ideal for a car park near a shopping and leisure centre, so you can recharge your electric vehicle while you eat, dine or do your shopping.


Commitment to sustainable mobility

This project was the result of a commitment to electric mobility by the Autonomous Community of Madrid and its Ministry of Local Administration and Digitalisation, resulting in the promotion of new technologies and ICT systems (Information and Communication Technology) that enable the smart use of means of travel. In fact, this new sustainable car park was developed on a 6,350-square metre car park in Ciudad de la Imagen (Pozuelo de Alarcón) and belonging to Obras de Madrid, a public company under the Ministry of Local Administration and Digitalisation, which was tendered with the condition of implementing a charging station for electric vehicles.



How are the charging stations used?

With regard to the charging process, the booking, use and payment of the service is undertaken quickly and simply by means of the Endesa X Juicepass app. Users just need to download the app on their mobile and this enables them to manage the recharges for their electric vehicle directly from their phone (pay, book up to 15 minutes in advance, etc.) and also access tariffs adapted to all users, with monthly tariffs for recharge and pay-per-use, where you only pay for what you use to recharge.


The app is available on iOs and Android and users can sign up directly from their Facebook or Google account, or by providing an e-mail address.   When clients register, they also enjoy unique benefits when recharging. They can create their own account with their preferences and payment methods, making subsequent recharges easier. In any case, users do not necessarily have to register in order to use the application. They can always choose to use it without registering and pay directly with their credit card.




About Endesa

Endesa is the largest electricity company in Spain and the second largest in Portugal. The company is also the second largest gas operator in the Spanish market. Endesa operates an end-to-end generation, distribution and marketing business. Through Endesa X it also offers value-added services aimed at the electrification of energy usage in homes, companies, industries and Public Administrations. Endesa is firmly committed to the United Nations SDGs and strongly supports the development of renewable energies through Enel Green Power España, the digitalisation of grids through e-distribution and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Endesa Foundation is also active in CSR. Our workforce numbers around 9,600 employees. Endesa is a division of Enel, the largest electricity group in Europe. 



Endesa X is a business line of Endesa that provides innovative solutions that support energy transition, turning the goals of decarbonisation and electrification into beneficial activities for cities, businesses and people in a constantly developing world. With a strategy focussing on digitalisation and innovation, Endesa X provides an ecosystem of closely interconnected solutions that turn energy into new opportunities for a number of sectors: Electric mobility, public and private energy efficiency, artificial intelligence services, data analysis and energy consulting. Endesa X designs, creates and provides modular commercial solutions that enable everyone to create new value as a result of the innovative use of energy. This approach focusses on the principles of sustainability and circular economy to offer households, administrations and companies an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation in the daily lives of customers, which are the focus of the company's strategy. Endesa X is a strategic partner that makes new opportunities a reality.  Endesa X is the Spanish and Portuguese division of Enel X, a world leader in the field of advanced energy solutions, managing demand response services with around 7.4 GW of total capacity and 137 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide, also owning around 232,000 charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide.[1]


About Eysa

Eysa develops citizen mobility activities globally and operates in Spain, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico. Its activities relating to smart mobility include the management of on-street and off-street parking, the maintenance of static and dynamic signalling systems, the operation of traffic control centres and solutions for road safety.


[1] Public and private charging stations. Includes interoperability points.